Sunday 29 May 2011

Trying to keep everyone up to date

Well Aarahi and I realised we have been pretty slack at keeping in contact with people back home so thought this would be a good way to keep everyone up to date on things, and also some what of a family diary. Well thats the hopes anyway. Ill try to update it every week or few weeks as things happen .

Auron is growing like a machine. He had his 8 week check up with the health nurse and he was bigger than 75% of boys his age so he must be getting something when I feed him. We have been blessed with a good baby who enjoys sleeping at night, sleeping 12 hours and only waking once, maybe twice. Hes definitely a daddy's boy. After lunch the two of them take to the couch for their afternoon naps together.

Aarahis enjoying work, he had the day off on friday so we went out for breakfast and did some christmas shopping...yes i know its early but i like to be prepared!. We even splurged and bought ourselves some new clothes. I was having issues having to buy a slightly bigger pair of jeans but as Aarahi said it takes a little bit to lose over 30kgs. 5kgs left though it all seems to be around my hips which sucks, best be actually using the exercise stuff i bought.

Heres some photos of the little chubba lubba

 Daddy and Auron sleeping after a loooong day

Mr cutie cutie himself just before heading of to church


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