Saturday 30 July 2011

Still sick!

Not only Auron is sick but Aarahi has been really sick this week also, he came home from work on Friday at about 11 am, and went straight to bed and we didn't see him again until 7pm that night. Auron still hasnt been able to shake his cold completely other than a nasty cough he seems fine, no temperature or grizzly crying, apart from when we went to do the groceries and he had a meltdown about having to go in his pram, lucky daddy was there to carry him around. Auron actually looked pretty pleased with himself, getting his own way and all.

The missionaries came over last night to help give Aarahi and Auron a blessing which was nice, Auron didn't know what was happening and wouldn't keep still.

After a week of pushing himself along the floor on his forehead Auron thought he would finally roll over. About time! He is also sitting up pretty well, until he gets too excited or goes to grab a toy that's a little too far away and he topples over, which he also finds to be funny and just laughs.

The two sickies having a nap

Oh how I love Blue Blankie

Monday 25 July 2011

A Sick Little Pukeko

Yep Auron is sick...or teething, most likely both I think. He doesn't seem too bothered by it though, hes still a happy bubba, just a bit cuddly not his usual rough and tumble self. Aside from a sick Pukeko we also have a sick Daddy in our house too. Poor Aarahi timed it wrong because now work has picked up and hes working longer hours.

We have a new baby! Ellie had a beautiful baby boy earlier this week which they have named Ensign Ngamahinganui. I think he was 9pound 3ounces which is pretty impressive, no wonder Eleanor looked like a whale. But well done Ellie you did good! you too Aidan.

This week i embarked on sewing project number 2, a nappy changing thing for my and bag. I usually just throw everything in my bag, and come time to change baby and it takes me forever to find everything and the nappies are usually covered in allsorts of stuff that seems to accumulate in the bottom of my bag. So I made this thing that has a place for the wipes a few nappies and a matching change mat. My description sucks but the finished product worked out well.

Baby Ensign all fresh and new! Isn't he so yummy!

Nana and grand-graeme with great grandchild number 8!

 Look at those LIPS!

Tryna show off my cool hair style but the its too hard to see

Nappy change thing folded up

Open with its compartments on each side

And matching change mat with a nice soft side and a cool colourful matching side

Monday 18 July 2011

Family Home Wii-vening

We finally bought a Wii!!!! and boy has it been fun! We both have been sore and achy since we got it, so it must be doing something i guess. I am totally uncoordinated and pretty much useless at the majority of the games but I can thrash Aarahi at doing the hula. 

Auron is still his cute self, hes managed to worm his way back into our bed. Hes a pretty easy going baby, doesn't mind being dragged around by the kids at church or taken shopping or just watching you do housework. He LOVES the vaccume cleaner! Today he has learnt how to take his dummy out and put it back in. He seems pretty pleased with this new achievement. We started to read to Auron everyday, so far his favourite book is The wheels on the bus - New Zealand edition, i think he likes it because it has lots of actions and funny voices. 

We went to see the last Harry Potter this week also. It was fantastic! we saw it in 3D which was even better. Aarahi and I are lucky that Auron is so easy going and lets be able to still enjoy going out to movies and dinner etc. 
Our little caterpillar wrapped up and ready for bed.

 Waiting in the car for Daddy to make the straps on my carseat bigger.

 This is as far as tummy time goes. I hate hate hate lying on my tummy.

 Me and my friend penguin.

 Ahhh this is my new favourite toy! an empty M & M's bag.

Sunday 10 July 2011

A few new things...

The past few weeks have been relatively boring and uneventful, just the same old same old. Aarahis had some time off work which is nice. We have decided to start our "alphabet dates"  again. Went into the city to have Yum Cha for our Y date at this little restaurant that we saw had pretty good reviews but when we got there it was closed, only open for dinner so we settled for fish n chips and Xmen DVD for X date.

We started Auron on solid foods a few days ago. It's a little early but his constant hunger was driving us in particular. Just gave him a little to start with to make sure his tummy was ok with it. He loved it and had no problem digesting it and we are loving our happy baby who is back to feeding only every 2-3 hours instead of every 90 mins

We have also discovered this week that Auron has developed an attachment to his blue mickey mouse blankie, which is strange because it has kind of a funky smell to it...maybe thats its appeal. We learnt the hard way when Blue Blankie had to go to the wash this week and Auron refused to go to bed or sleep without it.

This past weekend we got stuff for Aurons bedroom, not that hes going in it anytime soon but my Nana is coming to stay for a bit so we needed to get a bed for her so decided to get the stuff for his room now. Hopefully she doesnt mind alien sheets and bunk beds.

Auron like mummy and daddy is eagerly awaiting his new cousin which hopefully will come any day now. Good luck to Ellie and Aidan!

 Pukeko has out grown his baby bath, this was his first bath in a big bath, thanks Aunty Kristen for my bath seat, I loved it.

 Mmmm yummy food.... so much better than milk,

  This is me and blue blankie, I mostly just love to suck him and rub my face with him.


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