Thursday 3 October 2013

10 Cheap Date Nights

Everyone loves date night, I know I sure do. It has been said that of Fathers "one of the best gifts you can give your child is to love their mother" and I am sure the same goes vice versa. However with the crazy busy lives we live these days it is sometime difficult to "fit in" time to nurture your relationship with your partner. And like a flower, a relationship if not nurtured will fail to thrive. 
Soooo I hereby introduce date night! I hear you say, oh we don't have the money to go out every week, or we don't have the time, or what about the kids? we need to find a babysitter! These are all excuses that can be helped. Have date night at home, wait til the kids are in bed, make the time, I'm sure that tv show can be recorded or even skipped tonight, who really wants to watch the bachelor when you can have the real deal?! 

  1. Movie night. Hire a movie neither of you has seen, pull out the mattress and blankets, pop some popcorn. Why not even make a tent, like you did as kids. 
  2. Bake together. We invented our own recipe for cookies. The first batch was unbelievable, the second not so much. 
  3. Make hot chocolate and ask each other a list of random questions pulled out of a hat. Some of our favourites have been, What kind of vegetable would you be? or If you could have a super power what would it be (Aarahi said he would have the power to make people's nightmares come true, he desperately wants to be the villain instead of the good guy)
  4. Get out your gaming console of choice and challenge each other. There's not much competition in this house though. I spent 3 mins trying to figure out how to get my racing car to go. But to redeem myself I can thrash my husband at Wii hula, even at 9months pregnant!
  5. Romantic dinner/dessert at home. Get out the candles, the nice plates and all the other fancies. You may have to wait until late for all the kids to be sound asleep but trust me it's worth it. 
  6. In the summer when it's nice and warm out, why not do a but of star gazing in the back yard. 
  7. Read together. We do this each night, reading a chapter of a book aloud to each other. So far we have read the entire Harry Potter series, Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous (John Bytheway) and at the moment we are currently reading Jesus the Christ. Our next book is going to be The Hobbit
  8. Visit the beach and challenge each other to the best sandcastle building competition. While you're there why not explore the rock pools. Finish the date off with a icecream
  9. Picnic at the park. Pretend you're kids again, swing on the swings, ride the flying fox, race down the slides. 
  10. Take a class together. There are TONNES of free or really cheap classes around. Usually run by night schools, or community colleges. Why not try your hand at pottery, or a new language, or cooking. 
At the end of the day it's not really about what you do it's about who you are with. 


  1. Replies
    1. The baking cookies was definitely one of our most memorable!

  2. One of my favorite dates with my husband was a game of Monopoly with cups of hot cocoa on a chilly winter day. :) Another one of my favorites was a time we went to Wal-Mart and bought a carton of ice cream and all kinds of goodies to mix up in it. We had reese cups, gummy bears, peanut butter, cookie dough, etc. We even bought bowls and spoons so we could eat it in the car. We took a video while we mixed it up and ate it. It was a blast- completely unplanned but gave us such fun memories!



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