Tuesday 25 March 2014

How to Make a Water Pillow

100 Days of Happiness - Day 19

Lili had the worst nights sleep in months last night, which meant so did I. She's been grumpy all day, nothing seems to make her happy. We got up at 6am ughhh that's like 2 hours too early for this house. I found a note taped to the bedroom door ( I was sleeping in the kids room last night) saying that Aarahi had come home from work because he wasn't well and had gone back to bed. I felt sad that he was sick but also happy that he was home!. I went to see how he was feeling and he was much better thankfully.

I thought since it was such a nice day that my wonderful darling and I would do a project together since he was feeling better. I had seen a few tutorials on how to make a water pillow. They looked like heaps of fun and pretty cheap and easy to make. I took what I thought were the best parts of the tutorials I had read and did it my own way.

I loved working on a project together. We are quite opposite to each other in the way that we work. I'm more work fast fast fast and it doesn't have to look perfect, Aarahi is more, go slow and have it look perfect.

So here'
s how you make it:

Water Pillow


2 meters of plastic
Hair straightener 
Baking paper
Duct Tape
Food colouring 


    Fold the plastic in half. Making it as smooth and even as possible. It's a little tricky and the plastic will want to stick to itself

    Fold a piece of baking paper in half and place the edge of the plastic between it. 

    Clamp down the hair straightener over the baking paper slowly running it along it to melt the plastic.
    Allow to cool for a few seconds and move the paper along the plastic.

    Repeat until you have melted all three sides together (the folded side doesn't need melting). Leave a small gap enough to fit your hose nozzle through. 

    To add extra protection against leaks, use duct tape to cover the melted edges.

    Take outside and position on a flat surface.

     Add about 1 tablespoon off food colouring in the opening 

    Fill with water, trying to avoid air bubbles. (if the do appear just gently try to push them out, a few is ok but you don't want a huge one)

    Remove the hose and seal the opening with duct tape


    My kids took a little while to really get into it. Lili was very apprehensive but in the end she probably loved it the most. It is pretty sturdy, it handled a great deal of jumping on and even I had a turn. No leaks.

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