Monday 14 April 2014

Cousins are the Best!

100 Days of Happiness - Day 33

I decided I need to do more exercise. I go through phases that don't usually last very long at all. Hopefully this phase will last a while. I messaged my cousin to see what they were doing today and that we might come over and visit. They live about a 30min walk away. I thought that would be a good amount of exercise, especially pushing the kids. That pram is HEAVY!.

The walk was good, the company was good. We were going to get pizza delivered but that turned out terribly so in the end we ended up with fish n chips. I think that probably cancels out the exercise.... Oh well.

I feel so blessed to have family close by. Even though the vast majority live in another country it truly is a blessing to have even a little bit of family. My kids love their cousins and their cousins love them!

Cousin are the best because they let you eat an ENTIRE block of chocolate all by yourself!

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