Wednesday 28 September 2011

Cousins Part Two

Thought I would write a quick note about our day yesterday. Sarah and I thought we would take a trip to the zoo. It looked pretty gross outside but it wasn't cold or anything so we headed off to the supermarket to buy some stuff for lunch because there was no way we were paying$7.50 for a sausage sizzle at the zoo! By the time we left the supermarket it was pouring with rain so thought the museum would be a better idea. We picked up our two other cousins and hopped on the train. Yey now it was sunny! so off to the zoo we go. We had an awesome day hanging out together. We stopped halfway to have an iceblock Bronte fed hers to the bubbas. All in all it was a beautiful day!

Sunday 25 September 2011


My cousin Sarah arrived in Melbourne today on her way to Perth. Her Little boy Izayah is about 8 months older than Auron. Hes super cute and delicious too. Its soooooooooooo good to have them here, I've been a bit homesick lately so it was good to see some familiar faces. They're only here for two days but will be back a little while later to stay longer. Sarah did so well traveling alone with a 1 year old overseas.

The boys havn't been too keen on the sharing thing. The first thing Izayah did say when he found Auron's toy corner was smash his prized Boost Juice cup. Auron burst into tears and well needless to say we went and bought a new cup today.

In other news this week I bought a "moby wrap" off ebay for $30 they retail for around 80-130ish so good deal. I heard they were reeeeeeeeaaaally good, but wasn't convinced enough to buy one new. May I  just say that it has been the BEST thing I have bought for "mummyhood" Its amazing! I can carry Auron around town for hours and not get tired or sore back. We don't even bother with the pram now. Auron seems to like it too, he falls asleep almost every time he goes in it.

The new love of my life is "Big Bang Theory" Its a pretty fantastic show. We just bought the 1st three seasons on dvd this week.

Um in our effort to save more money I thought it would be a good idea to pay for things in cash and give ourselves $50 between us to spend on extras...we did really well for the first week. The second week not as good and this last week we did terrible. Come Thursday (our pay day) we decided clean slate.....did the groceries didnt spend too much then we were hungry and treated ourselves to kebabs and Churros. Friday...yup went to town after Music at the library and saturday....well lets just say we are far too impulsive. So any ideas on how we...more so me can curve our spending then let us know.

 The BEST baby carrier ever
 Chowing down on some of Mama's pizza

 My cool All Blacks top Nanny Mary sent for me.

Sunday 18 September 2011

It's a feet thing

Auron has a thing for feet and all things related to feet. We were at the library for music time and I turned around to see him sucking on some other kids foot. Luckily the other kid didn't care too much, he was busy picking his nose. He also loves his shoes in particular, sucking on them and then ripping his socks off and sucking his own toes. Bet he has toe jams too. Good for his immune system I guess.

Highlight of the week: SWIMMING! we took baby for his first swim and he loved it! He kept  wanting to drown himself, so spent a good about of time under the water. and splashing about. They had a cool umbrella water feature that sprays water which he really not so much as the water was cold.

We went to clean the chapel on saturday morning at 6am!!!!!!!!! I was actually really surprised at how many people showed up. The cleaning roster is split up into groups of families we are in group C and everyone from our group turned up. There were primary kids, youth, ysa, parents grandparents, it was really good. It used to be just one old man who did it every week by himself. lol hes a cleaning machine and still goes every week to make sure its done right.

Well thats it from our week

 Auron and his friend Royalty, this kid is amazing she knows all her articles of faith and sing by herself in sacrament as well as being super cute
 My "snack" burgar from a burgar place in the city ALMOST as good as burgarfuel. The regular burgars were the size of dinner plates!

This is how Auron wiggles his way out of his bouncer, hes too big to do up the buckle so we ofte
n find hes wiggled out to get his toys

 These are my cutie cutie cutie togs!

Friday 9 September 2011

Collingwood Childrens' Farm

This weekend we went to the farmers market in the city which is held at a working farm. Its pretty kid friendly with open pens etc and animals walking around who dont mind if you touch them.Auron pulled the lambs ears and he didn't even wake up. It was a pretty miserable day by the time we got there even though it started out sunny in the morning when we left. We didn't end up buying as much as i had anticipated just a cauliflower, some carrots, a bag of apples and two yummy bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast.

This afternoon we went for a drive out to look at an area that we are looking at moving to when our lease is up here. This house has been a good start for us and a huge blessing but now that we are all set up etc its time to move on and get something we actually like, not merely something that "will do".

We also went driving for cheap petrol lol I'm pretty sure we would have spent the money we saved driving around anyway. Oh well its not like we had anything better to do on a rainy day.

On Monday Auron and I went into the city to meet Taha Palalagi's girlfriend for lunch. It was kind of strange seeing as i don't even know him, or her but it was really good just to get out and meet someone new. Auron was on his best behaviour and didn't even cry once! Hope he's good like that when we come home!

We also discovered this week that Auron HATES broccoli. I tired to give him some mixed with kumara his usual favourite and he started dry wrenching, It was actually kind of funny. Hes a smart kid alright he can detect the slightest hint of it and try to throw it up.
 First mummy put me in the sink so i would stop complaining about not being able to she what she was doing

 Then mummy accidentally turned the tap on and got me wet so we decided to  have a bath in the sink

 All rugged up and ready for the farm!

 Ahhhh snakes!

 Come here Chicken!
 Auron wanted to pull his ears....the goat was ever so obliging

 Typhoon the pig!!!!!!!!!!!1 they had just had a big feed of Pancakes! can you believe it, Aarahi wasn't impressed as that is what he wanted but the stall closed just as we got there.

Saturday 3 September 2011

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all you daddy's out there. We decided to have fathers day on a saturday instead since this Sunday is Fast Sunday. So yesterday we had a big pancake breakfast, and Aarahi got his presents an iPod and a chocolate poem/letter. We spent the majority of the day at home, aarahi mowed the lawns and found $50 what a score. I guess it makes up for all the rubbish that blows onto our lawn from the shopping centre down the road! That is something I definatly wont miss when we move in a few months.
Last night the primary at church put on a fathers day spring dance which was lots of fun. The kids performance was really cute but I think the Young men really put on the best show! I love our ward, activities are always good fun....with lots of yummy food.
Back on to the subject of fathers, as the high priests at church did their performance I really began to miss Alby, upset about what he didn't get to see all the new babies and Kev on his mission, Teina getting baptised but mostly that he didn't get to be here to see us growing up. I think us kids were pretty blessed to have him for the time that we did and know that we are sealed together as a family forever. I'm sure he gets to look down on us from time to time.
I also was blessed to have another dad, probably the one whose played dad the longest for me and thats Shane. He also is a wonderful man who I love very much. I cant actually remember not having him in my life. Hes always been there and i know without him I wouldn't be the person I am today and I owe so much to him.

Hmm in other news, Aurons sitting up perfectly by himself now, no falling over.Its been great! now hes happy to just sit there and play with his toys and entertain himself. He also started rolling from his back to tummy and  back again a couple of weeks ago. I think he scared himself when he did it because he started to cry before realising he was ok. Now his ok with it though. I cant believe how fast our baby is growing up.

Oh yes, Aarahi's had some good news from work. Hes been made permanent which means he gets transfered from the recruitment company to the actual company hes working at, and doesnt have to wait for someone to call and tell him if hes working. Its just nice to have a bit more job security.

 Auron with the boys/babysitters

 Nadia i found you a Husband, lol the one in the red is mine though, you cant have him

Yummy choc cake as requested with coconut icing filling 

Chocolate bar poem

My Granddad and I 

Alby with the boys....couldnt find the photo I wanted but this will do.

Well that's about it for this week.


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