Wednesday 26 September 2012

Only 2 glasses left

About 2 months ago we had a good supply of drinking glasses, a set of 10 to be exact. Over the last 2 months Auron has managed to smash all but 2! It slowly drove me a little crazy. Its not like we left them in an easily accessible place. They were in the cupboard on the bench to be washed or on a shelf in the lounge. Seriously this kid can get anywhere! especially now that he has learnt to drag a chair around behind him.

A few people have commented that Auron doesn't really play with his toys, which is true. I actually dont even bother spending money on new toys. He does however love the kitchen appliences. His favourite at this week is the electric beater. He drags it around by the power cord all day. His Nanny Teri bought him a cool pull along toy for his birthday which I pulled out of his toy box for him to play with instead but he went and put it back after a few mins and it was back to the beater. He actually LOVES all things kitchen related.

Our friends Chris and Kim came over on Saturday to hang out. We usually do lunch then the boys get their geeky games out and Kim and I just catch up. This time was no different. I made some homemade pizzas for lunch and they bought over some yummy pies and icecream for afternoon tea. They also bought over a present for the new baby. This lucky baby has had presents and cards arriving for the past few weeks now. Aarahi's Aunty Matina who we met in Las Vegas sent over a cute card and present this week also.

Earlier in the week the social worker I have (due to having post natal depression after having auron) took me up to the hosptial to do a bit of a tour. The hospital is sooooo different to where I had Auron. I had Auron at the Royal Women's hosptial in the city. It was flash and HUGE, but since I had such a bad experience there I swore I wasn't going back as I didn't want those feelings coming back when I went to have this baby. The hospital that I'm going to this time is a small hospital out in the suburbs. It's by no means flash but it had a nice feeling about it. (people actually think I'm mad to not go the the big city hospital instead). What else is good with this hospital is that they have an out patients centre which is in walking distance to our house, so no dealing with public transport or city traffic.

At the moment my skin is so dry its literally just flaking off especially on my hands. All the products I've tried just sting. So I looked online for some natural homemade stuff and found a recipe for stuff mainly made from coconut oil. Couldn't find coconut oil at the shopping centre so ordered some online today (half price I must add) so when it gets here i'll whip some up and tell you how it went.

Time to go, Auron is in the kitchen concocting something in a pot and I should probably supervise his "cooking"

Chopping up my apple.

Finally able to get outside and enjoy the beautifully warm spring day

Auron's injury

Earlier this week injured himself. He found a blade attachment to the food processor in the cupboard, I thought i had put them all up high but obviously missed one. All of the sudden I hear a scream from the kitchen where Aarahis doing the dishes. There was blood EVERYWHERE, thought he had cut his finger off or something! The crying stopped pretty much immediately but the blood still poured out. He wasn't too keen on getting it cleaned up he just wanted to get back to playing. The cut wasn't all that big in the end and he ripped the plaster off faster than it took to put it on and continued to spread his blood around it was pretty gross.

Friday night we planned a date night out for dinner and dessert after Aarahi got home from his meeting at the chapel. While he was there he bumped into the missionaries who reminded us we were supposed to feed them that night...oops forgot that, but in my defense they are supposed to ring the night before to remind us. So since my house was in no state to have guests and I really couldn't be bothered cooking we took them along with us on our date night to Nandos. Gosh I love that place.

Saturday Aarahi helped me spring clean the lounge room, found all sorts of goodies. The rest of the day we just relaxed I slept on the pull out couch, Aarahi played video games and Auron had the biggest nap of his life pretty sure it came close to 4 hours before Aarahi went to wake him up. He still went to bed at a normalish time too which was nice, I think he's getting some more teeth as he sleeps for ages when he does. After Auron was down for the night we got out our treats and watched Rio the movie which was pretty awesome. Went to bed late.....all woke up late and missed church oops.

Daddy trying to clean my finger up

I wasn't being at all helpful!

Our missionaries crashing date night at Nandos

Cuddles for mumma

Sunday 9 September 2012

Another Week down...

Another week has been and gone, I swear the days seem to be going in reverse or something. I dont remember being this impatient when I was pregnant with Auron (my dear Husband may tell you otherwise though). I'm actually feeling pretty good considering. The sore back is about half as sore as it used to be, my main issue now is sheer exhaustion. I'm lucky Auron is a consistent napper who will sleep 2-3 hours in the afternoon which means I'm hanging out til 1130am when I can put him down and have my nap too.

Aarahi took Monday and Tuesday off work I thought he was just having time off because he felt like it, turns out he was actually sick. I felt somewhat guilty when I realised since I dragged him out to get craft supplies and baby stuff. He's feeling much better now, I think I need to remind him to have a nap when he gets home from work though so he doesn't exhaust himself. (he usually works 3am-1.30pm or there about)

Auron and I have been doing lots of cooking together lately. It's the easiest way to keep him out of trouble while I'm making dinner. He loves it though as soon as he sees me get out a pot or bowl he's over quick smart dragging a chair behind him. His 'helping' is often counter productive but he seems so proud as he throws onion skins into the pot. I got him to mash up the avocado the other day which he did pretty well. After all this cooking though im left with a pig sty of a kitchen and filthy chairs. I think i might have to find a "cooking" chair that doesn't matter how much it gets dirty.

I had another Auron free day at church as he was stuck to daddy. Aarahi had to take some of his Young Men up to the hospital to give the sacrament to someone so took Auron a long for the ride. They got back just as church finished.

This afternoon Aarahi was asleep in our room so Auron and I watched a bit of sesame street, I dont think we even got 10mins in before we had both crashed on the couch.

A couple of photos of Auron doing his "cooking"

Saturday 1 September 2012

Fathers day week

Yey for Fathers Day. This week I tried to do something nice for my lovely husband each day. Nothing big just small things, such as making some of his favourite treats each day, (afghan cookies and custard squares to name a couple). Aarahi also has a habit of wear his clothes until they are pretty much disintegrating, so he also got a bunch of new clothes and some new work shoes (which I think are pretty cool because they look like normal everyday shoes yet they have a steel toe in them). His most favourite present would be his new lap top though. I had accidently knock his old one off the table a few weeks ago and its ability to charge had been declining ever since until it no longer worked. He's picked steak and curly fries for dinner tonight and for Sunday's dinner slow roasted pork on homemade bread rolls.

Auron is blessed with such a wonderful Daddy who loves him to bits. He is always so excited when he hears Daddy at the door after work, and rushes to get a cuddle. I feel very blessed to have a husband who is an amazing father, always putting us first and making sure we are well provided for and loved.

On another note we went for a drive to find the hospital where I will go to have the baby, haha thought it might be a good idea to find before we actually need to go. Its soooooo tiny, but its right next to a shopping centre which cant be bad, especially since I hear the hospital food is gross and parking costs heaps. My brother is flying over in a couple of weeks so once he gets here i'll be good to go. He's going to look after Auron for us. He's also never changed a nappy, and has been known to simply hose our little brother down outside with a hose, but i'm sure he will be fine......

Today being Fathers Day officially, we had a big pancake breakfast, and even got to church on time. Aarahi and I taught a combined youth class together. The lesson was on dating, it was a pretty alright lesson and it was fun to teach together. Auron was ridiculously cute today standing on his chair during the songs holding his hymn book and singing while waving his hand around conducting. Haha i guess he does take some notice at church of what goes on. Also one of the lovely YSA girls took him for sunday school and relief society time so I had a REALLY nice break from having to chase him around.

Not sure what else we will get up to today for fathers day other than make the phone calls back home. Aarahi's pretty happy eating all his treats.

New trick- climbing on the table

Have a babycino after a bit of late night shopping

Stole Daddy's smoothie

Enjoying Pancakes breakfast

A special Fathers Day Photo

I did it!

This week I decided to go all week without watching TV and....It wasn't actually as hard as I thought it would be. I got lots done, I've never been so on top of the laundry in my life, some days I've actually had to go searching for stuff to make up a load. Here's some of the other things I managed to do:

* Made 3 different outfits for the new baby,
* Reorganise Aurons room so the Baby now has room to put all its stuff. Clothes, blankets, and other bits and bobs are now all neatly folded up in the cuboards and hung up instead of just packed away in boxes.
* made several batches of fresh pasta most of which is frozen
* walked into the shopping centre twice
* took Auron to the library
* Had time to make Aarahi nice lunches
* Had the house nice and tidy before bed each night
* Made it to bed by 8pm! so nice.
* Oh and I brushed my hair everyday, probably because the house was so clean that I could actually find my brush without having to search high and low for it.

I may just keep it up.

A few weeks ago I purchased a voucher for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Last night we decided to use it. I grossly underestimated the time it would take us to get there so we were late for our reservation and Auron made it known that he was hungry and a bit fed up with the amount of time it was taking to get there. The food was really yummy but the service left something to be desired. Auron's food came out last when we had almost finished our mains. We ended up having to feed him some of our food to keep him happy and they forgot to bring his drink as well.

Super cute nappy, its so hard to get him to stand still these days

Family home evening cookies

Auron just liked the icing

Drawing on the board while Daddy teaches his lesson at church


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