Saturday 1 September 2012

Fathers day week

Yey for Fathers Day. This week I tried to do something nice for my lovely husband each day. Nothing big just small things, such as making some of his favourite treats each day, (afghan cookies and custard squares to name a couple). Aarahi also has a habit of wear his clothes until they are pretty much disintegrating, so he also got a bunch of new clothes and some new work shoes (which I think are pretty cool because they look like normal everyday shoes yet they have a steel toe in them). His most favourite present would be his new lap top though. I had accidently knock his old one off the table a few weeks ago and its ability to charge had been declining ever since until it no longer worked. He's picked steak and curly fries for dinner tonight and for Sunday's dinner slow roasted pork on homemade bread rolls.

Auron is blessed with such a wonderful Daddy who loves him to bits. He is always so excited when he hears Daddy at the door after work, and rushes to get a cuddle. I feel very blessed to have a husband who is an amazing father, always putting us first and making sure we are well provided for and loved.

On another note we went for a drive to find the hospital where I will go to have the baby, haha thought it might be a good idea to find before we actually need to go. Its soooooo tiny, but its right next to a shopping centre which cant be bad, especially since I hear the hospital food is gross and parking costs heaps. My brother is flying over in a couple of weeks so once he gets here i'll be good to go. He's going to look after Auron for us. He's also never changed a nappy, and has been known to simply hose our little brother down outside with a hose, but i'm sure he will be fine......

Today being Fathers Day officially, we had a big pancake breakfast, and even got to church on time. Aarahi and I taught a combined youth class together. The lesson was on dating, it was a pretty alright lesson and it was fun to teach together. Auron was ridiculously cute today standing on his chair during the songs holding his hymn book and singing while waving his hand around conducting. Haha i guess he does take some notice at church of what goes on. Also one of the lovely YSA girls took him for sunday school and relief society time so I had a REALLY nice break from having to chase him around.

Not sure what else we will get up to today for fathers day other than make the phone calls back home. Aarahi's pretty happy eating all his treats.

New trick- climbing on the table

Have a babycino after a bit of late night shopping

Stole Daddy's smoothie

Enjoying Pancakes breakfast

A special Fathers Day Photo

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