Monday 27 June 2011

Kung fu panda!

We have done a few fun things this week. The best was going to Kung fu Panda! Aarahi got some free tickets from work for being a hard worker which was a nice treat. Auron loved the movies, slept for maybe 15 mins but other than that his eyes were glued to the screen, no crying or complaining at all just happy smiles.
My friend Kim and her boyfriend Chris just moved to Melbourne last week so on Wednesday Auron and I trekked into the city to do a bit of shopping and catch up with them. It was really good to see them and for them to meet Auron. Auron wasnt too impressed by Chris and burst into tears which freaked Chris out.
Auron is getting bigger by the day and new clothes were in order this week so Mr Pukeko got a new wardrobe, not that he cares too much about it though, but he is looking super cute in his new clothes.
It was a busy day at church yesterday as it was ward conference. The good thing about ward conference though is that they put on a huge lunch. Following ward conference we had a baptism for one of the girls in primary. Baptisms here a HUGE deals, the whole ward turns up and the family put on a big dinner for the ward. So yes we were WELL fed at church yesterday. I quite like sundays because the girls in my primary class and the Young women come and entertain baby for us.
Finally today Aarahi didnt go to work so we spend the day together baking and making the Pukeko a playmat. (Aarahi bought me a sewing machine on the weekend). It was nice to just spend the day together working on a project.

 Sitting at the movies...he even wore his panda top!

 Our turtle playmat....his head needs some work but auron seems to think its ok

This was my very first movie!

Monday 20 June 2011

Aurons Hospital Visit

Today we went to the Royal Childrens Hospital for Auron's appointment about his wonky head. He was very well behaved even smiling for the doctors as he was examined. The verdict was that his misshapeded head is a result of his traumatic delivery, and probably caused by the forceps. They said it should correct itself over time but we need to encourage him to sleep on that side or else his forehead may come forward too much. Check-up in 3 months to make sure is correcting itself and has a symmetrical head.

Aside from our hospital visit with Mcdonalds afterwards...who puts Mcdonalds in a hospital its far too tempting, our week has been pretty boring. Auron has learnt a few new things, such as "talking" he loves to babble away to anyone and anything that will listen, his favourite friends are his carseat, the bathroom, the laptop and daddy of course. His other new trick is standing up while you hold his hands. He loves it! Hes never been a lying down baby anyway. Loves to be sitting up or standing and jumping. Who can blame him, theres not too much to see lying down. On the down side though I'm not sure if hes ever going to roll over lol. He wont lay on the floor for more that 2mins, but sit him up on the couch and hes fine for a good 30mins.

There is a video at the very end, i'm not sure if you are able to see it from your emails but if you go to the blog site you can see it here.

Look at me doing my standing, im sooooo happy!

Just relaxing with my blankie and watching a bit of TV

Practicing my sitting trick, I think its going to take me awhile to master it but im well on my way.

Having my bath next to the nice warm heater, its probably one of my favourite things to do, i cant wait until im big enough to fit the swimming nappies so we can go to the big pools!

Having a talk with daddy while waiting for our appointment.

Monday 13 June 2011

Queens Birthday - Zoo Trip

Today was Queens Birthday here in Australia and I was determined that we get out and do something. We've been watching the Zoo series on tv so thought the Zoo would be a good day out. So we picked up 3 of my cousins and hopped on the train in to the city. We spent most of the day there and had heaps of fun. Auron wasnt too impressed by any of it, prefering to sleep.

The Zoo had heaps of new babies which were SOOOOOOO cute, especially the baby elephants and orangatans.
 We got there just in time to see the lions being fed. When we took this photo we were only a metre or two away from them, was amazing to see them climbing the trees to get their food

 Hehe me and my darling. We are lacking photos of both of us these days.

 Mr Pukeko fast asleep, he slept for a good part of the trip. He doesnt like to lay down in his pram, likes to see whats going on.

 Kisses for Mr Lion.
 Someone decided to wake up just in time for the Giraffes and Zebra.

 Totally unimpressed by daddys funny faces.

 Can you see the Koala behind me? they were hard to get photos of because they were crawling all over the place. They were sooo close you could almost touch them. They werent really in enclosures just out in the open with some logs you had to stand behind. The dingos and emus were just walking around.
 Group photo!
 On the way to see the elephants.  Walking there was really cool you had to go through a big "forest" walk to get there.
 In the butterfly enclosure. There were HEAPS of different butterflies flying free. Some would even land on you. This was one of the prettiest butterflies.
Pretty much our only photo of all of us.

Sunday 5 June 2011

The week that was

 We had really crazy week this past week. Aarahi didnt work on Monday and Tuesday, but it was good to have him home.It made me really lazy though, I kept thinking it was the weekend so the housework got neglected.

Auron's had cradle cap so i asked the health nurse what i could do to get rid of it, she told me all these things I could buy that might work, but the thing that she swore by was baking soda...just mix it up with water and put it on baby's hair and let it dry. I was pretty disbelieving about the whole thing but it WORKED.

It was my birthday on Saturday so we headed out to breakfast at IKEA. For those who dont know what that is, its a massive homeware store that has a restaurant in it. You can get a big breakfast of bacon eggs sausage tomato baked beans and hot drink for $2.90.

Aarahi teaches mission prep for the stake and they had the final lesson in the series on Sunday so we went over to the couple who supervises home for dinner. Bro Lowes loves music and managed to coax Aarahi into singing. It was good to hear him sing again as he doesnt do it very often any more.

 There were some Monks at the shoping centre doing these sand murals. It was amazing! they tapped a horn thing and the sand came out. Its hard to explain but yeah it was incredible to watch.

 The little monster HATES his car seat. This was him after having a melt down, I had to climb over the seats to shove his dummy in his mouth. But hes sooooo cute!
 My cousins Ethan and Bronte
We played the Chocolate Game. It started out very tame but ended in chaos
 Bronte LOVES Auron, shes always making him toys and drawing picture. He is slowing starting to not cry when she holds him. Her answer to stop him from crying is to bounce him like crazy, its hilarious to watch and he loves it too, laughs and smiles like crazy. He is definatly a rough and tumble baby.
 Fast asleep with Paris. When i was 7 months pregnant one of the kids in primary asked "Sis Matthews when is your baby coming?" Paris replied "Oh are you pregnant? i thought you were just fat..."

 Auron likes to sit at the table at dinner time, he really does think hes a big kid!


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