Monday 20 June 2011

Aurons Hospital Visit

Today we went to the Royal Childrens Hospital for Auron's appointment about his wonky head. He was very well behaved even smiling for the doctors as he was examined. The verdict was that his misshapeded head is a result of his traumatic delivery, and probably caused by the forceps. They said it should correct itself over time but we need to encourage him to sleep on that side or else his forehead may come forward too much. Check-up in 3 months to make sure is correcting itself and has a symmetrical head.

Aside from our hospital visit with Mcdonalds afterwards...who puts Mcdonalds in a hospital its far too tempting, our week has been pretty boring. Auron has learnt a few new things, such as "talking" he loves to babble away to anyone and anything that will listen, his favourite friends are his carseat, the bathroom, the laptop and daddy of course. His other new trick is standing up while you hold his hands. He loves it! Hes never been a lying down baby anyway. Loves to be sitting up or standing and jumping. Who can blame him, theres not too much to see lying down. On the down side though I'm not sure if hes ever going to roll over lol. He wont lay on the floor for more that 2mins, but sit him up on the couch and hes fine for a good 30mins.

There is a video at the very end, i'm not sure if you are able to see it from your emails but if you go to the blog site you can see it here.

Look at me doing my standing, im sooooo happy!

Just relaxing with my blankie and watching a bit of TV

Practicing my sitting trick, I think its going to take me awhile to master it but im well on my way.

Having my bath next to the nice warm heater, its probably one of my favourite things to do, i cant wait until im big enough to fit the swimming nappies so we can go to the big pools!

Having a talk with daddy while waiting for our appointment.

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