Thursday 28 February 2013

It's about time he became useful

This week Auron has become very proficient at doing the dishes. For this whole week the only thing I have washed is the big pots and the sharp knives. Aarahi's response was "about time he became useful" haha considering the about of mess he manages to make every day this is a nice treat for me. I feel like all I do is clean all day everyday. But back to Aurons dishes, I stack them up nicely for him and he spends maybe an hour washing them and then stacking them up nicely on the other side ready for me to dry them but he doesn't like me to dry them until he has finished.
Auron is also very good at making his own breakfast in the morning once I get his bowl and cup down for him. He can put cereal and milk in his bowl with out spilling it everywhere and then pour him self a cup of milk and carry it over to the table.
We are planning to homeschool our children. It is something I have felt strongly about even before I actually had kids. The last couple of weeks I have been preparing stuff to start a preschool program for Auron once we get home from holiday. It will only be 3 days a week and largely play based. It's more to to get us into the routine and to take advantage of these early years when he is just like a sponge. We are also working hard on Auron's talking at the moment. He doesn't have many words that he uses although we have noticed in the last 2 weeks that he's added to his list. His receptive language is great but his verbal language is a bit lacking. He just seems to like to talk in his "own:" language. Like he will carry on a conversation with you but I have no idea what he's saying!
Lili is doing good, being as cute as ever, I wish she would sleep longer at night between waking but I can't have it all. She hardly ever cries, unless she rolls on to her tummy and cant get back over. The ladies at play group think she is the best baby because I can just lay her on the mat on her blanket and she just falls asleep even with all the other kids poking her and running around making crazy amounts of noise. I must admit she is really easy to put to sleep. She loves Auron especially when he is in the mood to play with her!

Well Auron has finished the dishes and gotten himself some peaches for morning tea so I guess thats my cue to go dry and put the dishes away.
A new found interest in toys.

Lili doing her acrobatics...I should really strap her in. I think this was the stage  we stopped using the bouncy for Auron

Monday 18 February 2013

Finally some relief!

It has been a long, hot summer. This past week or so has been horrible, mid to high 30s everyday! Its been impossible to sleep. Most of the week Auron and Lili have been waking up because of the heat and not able to go back to sleep so we have pretty much been staying awake til 5am or so then all going back to bed once it's cooled down and sleeping until 10am. Today however it's a chilly 26 degrees! Which is kind of perfect timing as Auron's new winter clothes I ordered arrived on the doorstep this morning. He looks so cute in his new clothes.
Only 2 weeks to go until we fly out. We are flying with Air New Zealand and they have this new thing out where you can make an offer of how much you are willing to pay to be upgraded. We put an offer in but I doubt we will get it, would be nice though.
Auron has really enjoyed the little matchbox cars they have at nursery and play group. Yesterday Aarahi took him to pick out a few to buy. One of the ones they pick was apparently just like one Aarahi had when he was little. Cars are definitely a boy thing, I can remember Te Arai being in love with cars when he was little, it was like to the point of obsession. He would "drive" his cars up and down his imaginary roads on the carpet patterns "beep beeping" you if God forbid you step on his road!
Valentines day was a low key affair this year, Aarahi bought me a bunch of my favourite flowers and we had strawberry milk and chocolate fondue and fruit for dessert.

Monday 11 February 2013

Play Group

At the start of this year I made 2 goals for this year. The first was to get over my completely irrational fears about driving and be able to drive confidently by the end of the year. So far that one is going slowly but surely.
The second goal was to get out of the house more, make some friends and get Auron to spend time around other kids. Last week I emailed a lady about joining a play group and then went. Ok I get that probably sounds easy to many of you but seriously its taken about 6 months for me to be able to work myself up to it. We have been to two sessions so far and have really enjoyed it. Auron was a little scared and apprehensive at first but today he realised where we were and was so excited to go inside. He loved the little kitchen set they had. We are thinking about buying one for his birthday. The timing works out well that Aarahi picks us up on his way home from work and we go to Mc Donalds for a frozen coke.
When we come home in a few weeks Aarahi and I are planning on going swimming with the dolphins! But for this to actually happen we need Liliana to take a bottle. I have tried for a couple of weeks and no such luck. She thinks formula is gross and refuses to drink it, BUT she will take expressed milk from a bottle. I think I have pumped enough to last her while we are away. I probably have too much but honestly I don't know how much she drinks. The nurse asked me how many ounces I think shes drinking each time she feeds. How on earth are you supposed to measure that? she drinks 10mins worth? Auron also likes to use the breast pump it's pretty funny. My nephew Ensign also has the same habit. Eleanor said she had to put the pump away from him. I'm interested to see what kind of mischief those two get up to when we visit.
Auron's been a crappy sleeper the last 2 weeks and when I say crappy I mean CRAPPY. He wakes up at 1am each night. He wants to get up and play. He is stubborn, and usually it takes 2 hours to get him back to sleep, but we have also had nights where he didnt go back to sleep til 6am. (then up for the day at 7am.) And he's not even tired the next day! I've tried cutting out his afternoon nap, tried shortening it, tried having it at a different time but it makes not difference. One night I was so tried, so sick of arguing with a 2 year old which eveyone knows is pointless I just gave him my ipad to watch Sesame Street. He was asleep in 2 mins. I know its useless parenting but in the middle of the night you really don't care. Screaming tantrum and exhausted grumpy parents VS 5mins of Sesame Street in the middle of the night?

Liliana is just a little angel I dunno how many times a night she wakes up. 3? probably more like 4.

This was on a day we tried to cut out his afternoon nap. I could hear him  laughing away jumping on the bed then all of the sudden, silence! He pretty much just wears a nappy and shoes every day, the fact that he is wearing a teeshirt is a small miracle 

Pumping his milk

Monday 4 February 2013

Mr Independent

A couple of weeks ago we bought Auron a step stool so he can help do the cooking in the kitchen. He loves to be in the kitchen, and is often quite helpful. He LOVES his stool, he drags it around everywhere getting into plenty of mischief. He has also become quite independent with this stool. The other day while I was feeding Lili he went to the pantry got out the bread and peanut butter and made himself a sandwich then poured himself a cup of milk took it over to the table and sat down to his lunch. I was impressed, now he quite often goes and get his own food when he's hungry. I don't know if that makes me lazy or what but I'm not complaining.
Isn't it funny how smells can take you back to memories and specific feelings and times in your life? Well last week Aarahi bought some dishwashing liquid. Pamolive to be specific. Later that night when I went to do the dishes the smell sent me rushing back to when I lived in Auckland, it smelt like Teri. I'm not sure how she would feel about me saying that she smelt like dishwashing liquid though...But now doing the dishes has become somewhat of an emotional experience making me miss Teri and the rest of my family. Thank goodness we are going home soon. I don't think we will ever buy pamolive dishwashing liquid again.

Cute or what?!

Auron and his new step stool

Wearing daddys teeshirt

Daddy was look after me...



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