Monday 4 February 2013

Mr Independent

A couple of weeks ago we bought Auron a step stool so he can help do the cooking in the kitchen. He loves to be in the kitchen, and is often quite helpful. He LOVES his stool, he drags it around everywhere getting into plenty of mischief. He has also become quite independent with this stool. The other day while I was feeding Lili he went to the pantry got out the bread and peanut butter and made himself a sandwich then poured himself a cup of milk took it over to the table and sat down to his lunch. I was impressed, now he quite often goes and get his own food when he's hungry. I don't know if that makes me lazy or what but I'm not complaining.
Isn't it funny how smells can take you back to memories and specific feelings and times in your life? Well last week Aarahi bought some dishwashing liquid. Pamolive to be specific. Later that night when I went to do the dishes the smell sent me rushing back to when I lived in Auckland, it smelt like Teri. I'm not sure how she would feel about me saying that she smelt like dishwashing liquid though...But now doing the dishes has become somewhat of an emotional experience making me miss Teri and the rest of my family. Thank goodness we are going home soon. I don't think we will ever buy pamolive dishwashing liquid again.

Cute or what?!

Auron and his new step stool

Wearing daddys teeshirt

Daddy was look after me...


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