Monday 11 February 2013

Play Group

At the start of this year I made 2 goals for this year. The first was to get over my completely irrational fears about driving and be able to drive confidently by the end of the year. So far that one is going slowly but surely.
The second goal was to get out of the house more, make some friends and get Auron to spend time around other kids. Last week I emailed a lady about joining a play group and then went. Ok I get that probably sounds easy to many of you but seriously its taken about 6 months for me to be able to work myself up to it. We have been to two sessions so far and have really enjoyed it. Auron was a little scared and apprehensive at first but today he realised where we were and was so excited to go inside. He loved the little kitchen set they had. We are thinking about buying one for his birthday. The timing works out well that Aarahi picks us up on his way home from work and we go to Mc Donalds for a frozen coke.
When we come home in a few weeks Aarahi and I are planning on going swimming with the dolphins! But for this to actually happen we need Liliana to take a bottle. I have tried for a couple of weeks and no such luck. She thinks formula is gross and refuses to drink it, BUT she will take expressed milk from a bottle. I think I have pumped enough to last her while we are away. I probably have too much but honestly I don't know how much she drinks. The nurse asked me how many ounces I think shes drinking each time she feeds. How on earth are you supposed to measure that? she drinks 10mins worth? Auron also likes to use the breast pump it's pretty funny. My nephew Ensign also has the same habit. Eleanor said she had to put the pump away from him. I'm interested to see what kind of mischief those two get up to when we visit.
Auron's been a crappy sleeper the last 2 weeks and when I say crappy I mean CRAPPY. He wakes up at 1am each night. He wants to get up and play. He is stubborn, and usually it takes 2 hours to get him back to sleep, but we have also had nights where he didnt go back to sleep til 6am. (then up for the day at 7am.) And he's not even tired the next day! I've tried cutting out his afternoon nap, tried shortening it, tried having it at a different time but it makes not difference. One night I was so tried, so sick of arguing with a 2 year old which eveyone knows is pointless I just gave him my ipad to watch Sesame Street. He was asleep in 2 mins. I know its useless parenting but in the middle of the night you really don't care. Screaming tantrum and exhausted grumpy parents VS 5mins of Sesame Street in the middle of the night?

Liliana is just a little angel I dunno how many times a night she wakes up. 3? probably more like 4.

This was on a day we tried to cut out his afternoon nap. I could hear him  laughing away jumping on the bed then all of the sudden, silence! He pretty much just wears a nappy and shoes every day, the fact that he is wearing a teeshirt is a small miracle 

Pumping his milk

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