Saturday 29 October 2011

New Carpet

This week we got NEW CARPET!!!!!!!!!! our old stuff was this hidious shaggy stuff ew gross. It was so hard to keep clean the vacuum cleaner just couldn't get all the dust and stuff out. This new stuff however shows up every little bit of dust and dirt but its so nice a fresh.
In order to get this new carpet we had to move all our furniture into the dining room and kitchen the night before and rip out all the old carpet. There was too much dust in the bedrooms so we slept on the sofa bed in amongst a sea of furniture, needless to say it was a looooooooooong night.

Oh yes my new money saving tip, well it works for us at least. Buying your groceries online. Over the last 2 weeks that I've done this I estimate we have saved at least $200. Firstly because we don't walk around the supermarket and pick up things we don't need (Aarahi doesn't get to see the lollie and chocolate isle). Secondly our supermarket is located in a big shopping centre, shopping usually makes us hungry so more often than not we end up buying dinner and a treat before heading home, and thirdly we arn't tempted to go into all those other stores to buy stuff that we don't actually need. The delivery cost was $9 and the guy came in and unpacked everything onto the bench for me which was nice too.

I made these cupcakes last night. They're peanut butter cupcakes, I'm not the biggest fan of peanut butter but Aarahi said they were good 

This is a trick I have been working on this past fortnight. I love to stand up all the time and now I can get from sitting to standing without help 

 A video of the laughing baby. He was going nuts before we got the camera out.

Saturday 22 October 2011

Primary Presentation

Today was the annual Primary Presentation at church. This is where the kids run the main part of the Sunday services. They were sooooo  cute and did really well. Afterwards we had food and drinks and hung out outside, it was another BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Got my All blacks Gear on ready for the game tonight!

My three Girls

I turn my back for one minute and Auron is missing, I found the boys hiding around by the trees with him

Snapped, Aunty Lucy feeding me cupcakes, soon followed by a raspberry iceblock 

Armageddon and other stuff

This weekend we went to Armageddon, its a sci-fi comic book kind of expo. I really wanted to go, even more so than Aarahi which was surprising because I'm nowhere near as geeky as him. Lots of people dressed up, we had planned to but ran out of time to organise ourselves, plus it happened to be pouring with rain.

We went with my friend Kim and her partner Chris. The boys waited while we went to buy tickets, the line was HUGE. like probably atleast 400m. There was a Baby expo on in the same building and the line for that was non-exisitant, should've gone to that one, people were coming out of that one with HEAPS of food.  Anyway we finally got our tickets and goodie bag (total let down) and browsed around for awhile. We had lunch at food court next to the Crowne Casino, pretty flash for a food court, the prices also reflected its flashness. Must be where all the rich business people buy lunch haha a tiny bottle of coke was $4 Aarahi and I shared a meal as we weren't too hungry but even that was $20 rip off much. I mean we're not stingy but I know when I'm getting ripped off!

We split up from Chris and Kim for an hour or so and did our own thing. We played a card game called Magic. Aarahi had tried to teach me not long after we got married. At that point in time I had no interest in it what so ever and thought i was just being a good wife by playing along but really I was thinking "Oh my gosh how long does this game last" This time I decided to actually attempt to learn and enjoy it...and I did surprise surprise. We even bought a deck and some other stuff to play it, seeing as Aarahis cards are buried deep within mums garage.

The boys (Aarahi and Chris) were excited to watch the Kamehameha competition. They said we would love it..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr WRONG it was so lame. It was just random people doing some random move  off Dragon Ball Z.

Then we went home.

Fresh homemade pasta and pasta sauce

Yummy fresh bread

Tomatoes were only $1 kg so made some pasta sauces

It was quite hot this week,  so I put a few inches of water in the laundry basket and he played while i cooked and cleaned 

Tuesday 18 October 2011

A list

We have 10 days back home at Christmas...I know not long enough! Australia's great and all BUT there are things we miss terribly (other that family and friends lol) So we have compiled a list of things that we want to do while we are back.

1. Orange Choc Chip Icecream. Ice cream here is pretty average and boring in the flavour department.
2. Burgerfuel with Kumara chips and aioli
3. Cream donuts with REAL cream none of this fake rubbish.
4. Beancafe... Dont think this one will happen as they are usually closed over Christmas.
5. The temple Christmas lights.
6. Swimming in Lake Taupo and at Poplar.
7. Hangi....don't know if this will happen either but someone feel free to make one for us.
8. New years with Te Arai Arpege Teuila Mei and Judea. (The grandparents can babysit)
9. Meeting our new Nephews and Aarahi gets to meet Cumorah
10. Being home to talk to Elder Matthews. Miss him...
11. Playing at the Esplanade and taking Baby on the miniature train.

Most of all we are looking foward to spending 10days together and sharing our time with all those we love the most!

Auron is super excited he just doesn't know it yet. We sent away for his passport this week, we had to apply for his NZ citizenship papers as well it cost an arm and a leg! lucky we only have to do that ONCE....until the next child comes along haha.

Heres some photos of some of the people we miss!

I think that's all the kids........ If you didn't guess already we miss them the most!

Saturday 15 October 2011

Things just cost too much

I've been getting more and more frustrated about how much stuff costs at the supermarket etc for quality stuff. So instead of complaining about it I decided to make some of the things we buy because I know i can do it cheaper and produce a better product. This week I started with more supermarket bread laden with preservatives, fresh pasta, and home made muesli and laundry detergent. I priced it out at around .70c for 63 washes. It worked really well, the clothes came out clean and smelt good  Aarahi's been taking his breakfast to work and using the milk there. He says its a win win, he saves time in the morning by not eating and we don't need to buy so much milk.

Oh Auron is well on his way to crawling. Its pretty cute he can go backwards but hasn't figured out the forward  motion yet, so he will back himself into a wall or corner then cry for someone to come get him out...then do exactly the same thing. Hope he figures it out soon.

I've been trying to get Baby into some sort of routine this week. Usually i just let him eat drink and sleep where and when he feels like it. This has been working pretty good for us but seeing as his preferred sleeping place is in bed with us (because that's where we like him), and it's starting to get hot at night its only sensible for him to start sleeping in his own bed. Due to me letting him feed whenever he wants he's a bit of a snacker and would wake up mulitple times a night, not that I mind too much but I think he will be better off in the long run if he learns to sleep through.

Day one of new routine: fantastic....and this is how its continued. He has a bit of a cry when i put him down sometimes but hes not too phased by it and only woke up once last night. Looks like we may be on to a good thing.

Aarahi's started working Saturdays again, as it's gearing up to Christmas. This will probably continue right up until Christmas eve. He doesn't mind too much its only a few hours but gets paid for a full day.

Chowing down on some Rockmelon at the Chapel.

I know he's supposed to sleep on his back but he puts himself in this position so he can just stay like that.

Fast asleep with Zuko the Zebra. This is the Zebra from Aarahi and my first proper date!

In my toy corner. It's mummy's attempt to keep all my toys in one place instead of all over the house.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Auron's Photos

This week Adam has been staying with us (he's our friend from Brisbane who took our wedding photos). He was kind enough to take some photos of Auron for us while he was here. He's an awesome photographer if you should need one, they go everywhere and are in NZ in November look them up at

Saturday 1 October 2011

My wonderful Darling

Thought this week I would tell you all how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband. Just over a 2 years ago we started dating (a date that we both forgot and passed without even a thought). 6 days later Kelcy interrupted a Matthews family dinner in order to "interview" poor aarahi. Fortunately for him he passed and Shane decided against flying home from the States to kill him. A few hours late i get a txt "so i think we should get married, what do you think?" Luckily I agreed.

I did get a proper proposal on Christmas day with all my family around. A treasure hunt even with the ring I really wanted but thought was too expensive.

4 months later we were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity, a blessing I never thought I would receive.It was a wirlwind of a day, spent with the people we love most.

As we started on the road of married life little did I realise how amazing this man was that I married.

He is kind and generous going without so he can give to others who have less than us.
He is humble and a faithful priesthood holder.
He puts me first and tries everyday to make my life better.
He buys me little treats on his way home from work, chocolates and flowers and other random things he thinks I might like.
He is a amazing father.
He makes me laugh.
He will watch silly girl movies with me for as long as I want
He lets me do what ever I want and spend whatever I want
He's only said no to me once...I wanted a Dog. (when Auron is 5 we can have a dog)
He works hard so that I can stay at home to be the wife and mother that I want to be
He still holds my hand whenever we go out
He is my BEST friend

I think the best thing I love about being married to this wonderful man is that we don't argue and just enjoy being together as a couple and as a family.

Well now I think we might go to the movies.


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