Sunday, 30 December 2012


We had a lovely time this Christmas even though we couldn't go home which we would have loved. Aarahi's parents arrived a few days before to spend the week with us. They definitely made our Christmas special this year! It's so nice to have family around at this time of the year.

We had Christmas breakfast with all the trimmings, my cousin Ra and his girlfriend Nicolette came over too. We have a tradition in our family of having special eggs for breakfast on Christmas day. Ra had txt me at least 3 times that week to make sure we would be having them. I made about 16 eggs for the 6 of us and they were all eaten along with all the pancakes croissants and fresh fruit salad. We were so full that when it came to dinner we weren't really that hungry yet. Even so we had a glazed hame that I had prepared the day before along with veges and salad. 

We enjoyed opening presents, Aarahi got some sports equipment he had wanted although Auron had opened all of Daddy's presents the night before and had a play with them. Aarahi surprised me with the ipad I had been wanting. I felt incredibly spoiled. Auron got a backpack and lunch bag to take with him to nursery, some books and a sesame street DVD and a cool water sprinkler from Nanny and Koro. His FAVOURITE present by far was a wooden tower that has a ball that you roll down from the top, which Nanny Teri and Koro Shane bought him. Liliana-mei pretty much got things that she needed, or I wanted. A cool Trunki suitcase, natural rubber pacifier, amber teething necklace, a zip up wrap/blanket thing and a glow worm.

Oh and Aarahi's dad made me a garden! I'm so excited about it, it's pretty much the first thing I go and look at in the morning after I've changed the babies nappies. Can't wait for it to start growing.

At the moment Auron, Lili and I are all sick with a cold, it sucks. Auron's seems to have turned into croup. I had no idea what croup was until i moved to Australia, it's really common here.

Aunty Kimand Uncle Chris came to visit on Boxing day

Lili's glow worm (we (girls) were excited because we all had one of these when we were little)

FAst asleep on the way to the beach

Auron helped me take the stones out of the apricots off our tree

My garden...the photo doesnt do it justice

Koro was Lili's favourite

Uncle Ra's first hold. He met her a few days after she was born but was too scared to hold her

First present

Auron was not impressed

Beach time

The beach had an enclosed kids more floating away kids!

He was quite happy in deep water

He rules our ward at church. Has his little servants. 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Catch up

Sorry I've been incredibly slack with the blog this this last month. We have been pretty busy with visitors and christmas preparations and generally just adjusting to our new life with two kidlets.

About 2 weeks ago now my Nana came over to visit. She arrived on a Saturday afternoon. All went well until on Monday night Auron got sick, Aarahi was just holding on to him then all of the sudden vomit came rushing out EVERYWHERE. At the same time the Missionaries turned up for their dinner appointment. Kevin kept them entertained outside while I cleaned up the carpet and Aarahi dealt with Auron. Poor little Pukeko was miserable its the first time he has ever thrown up, even as a little baby he didn't vomit. He continued to throw up for the rest of the night but finally settled for the night at around midnight. He was still sick the next day, but now my Nana who is here visiting for a week from NZ got struck down with the same stomach bug, so she spent the next day and a half throwing up too. Yup you guessed it it was my turn next! Aarahi left for work around 4am and about 30mins later I was throwing up till there was nothing left in me. So I rang him to come home as soon as he had a chance he arrived home at about 830 and took Auron and Liliana-Mei for me. Liliana didn't get sick but she does have a habit of over eating then vomit half of it up. Milk puke is so much nicer to deal with.
After a few days all was well again, and Nana and I got back to the serious business of shopping. It was so nice having her come and stay. Nana is one of the people I miss most from home. She helped raise me, we have always been close and spent a lot of time together as I grew up. I'm glad she is still here to be able to cuddle my babies.

My darling husband turned 26 this month. He wanted an iPhone. He wanted one months ago but he has a habit of losing things like ipods and phones. I said if he could keep his crappy $100 phone without losing it for until his birthday (pretty much a year since he lost the last one) I would get him the iPhone. I honestly didn't think he could do it. But he is now the proud owner of a new iphone 5. We got a good deal on it, it was pretty much free except we are stuck in a contract for 2 yrs with vodafone. He also requested, traffic light jelly (I had no orange so it was more like red and green christmas jelly) German chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake and mangoes. We had ordered a tray of mangos from some kids from church who we fundraising for school. They arrived on his birthday. Oh and he wanted chinese take out for dinner for our favourite chinese place Kongs Bistro. Later that night he got a skype call from 2 of his sisters and little brother.

This month has been an expensive month. In Australia the bill your utilities every 1/4 so we got our power gas phone and water bill all in one go. Aarahi tells me to pay them on the day they come in the mail but I always pay them on the due date because I dont want those greedy people getting our money any earlier that the need it. Centrelink also sent us a bill for $3000 shock and horror. Took some work to sort that one out but in the end they ended up having to pay us money! stupid government agencies. We also had to get out car fixed and serviced. It was still under warrenty so we only paid for the service. I sent away for Liliana-Mei's passport and citizenship papers. That's a good $300. Totally think we get ripped of with cost of passports, I was reading in many countries they are only like $20.

While we were waiting for our car to get fixed we hung out at the shopping centre where the mechanic is. We wasted some time by going to the movies. It was my turn to pick the movie so we saw Pitch Perfect. AWESOME MOVIE. We laughed the whole way threw. Auron thought it was hilarious although he laughed at the wrong parts. I think we are pretty lucky that we can take our kids to the movies with us without too much hassle and they are happy to sit there and liliana's case sleep.

Well that's about us for the last month our so. We did other things but I can't be bothered writing much more.
Oh Aarahi's parents are arriving on Friday, we are excited to see them!

very cute wearing the top i made her

Nana with Lili and Auron

This little girl loves being on her tummy she almost always falls asleep within  5mins

Asleep on the floor again. I try to lay her on a blanket but she wiggles until her head is on the rough carpet then falls asleep. Here she will stay for about 3 hours while she naps.

Having a nice swim after a long day hot day of shopping

Aurons swim ended in a water fight with Mummy and Daddy. Liliana was sleeping inside but she  had a few cups of water thrown on her while she slept...thanks Auron. She didn't even wake up. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A bit of jealousy?

Auron has been pretty good with having  a new baby around the house...EXCEPT when it comes to the bouncer. He hates seeing Liliana-Mei in it, tries to pull her out, pull her blankie of her, even to the point where he hit her in head with the remote (she wasn't too phased by being hit in the head). When little baby isn't in the bouncer Auron jumps in and curls up with his blankie (he does look pretty cute). It's slightly annoying though as the bouncer is Liliana's favourite place to be, just like when Auron was a baby. 9 times out of 10 she would rather be in the bouncer than being held.

Along with the adjustments around here Auron has been having bed issues. He screams the house down at night when he goes to bed. No amount of cuddles, books, bottles etc will calm him down. I had Aarahi put him to bed last night instead and he went fine so maybe it's just me, so we will keep with Aarahi doing night time bed for Auron. He did wake up last night crying, I brought him into bed with us, but he was being a pain in the butt jumping around which soon turned to crying. Went and got the laptop so he could maybe fall asleep watching sesame such luck. 5 hours later he fell asleep, then right on cue Liliana woke up to bed fed. So all in all it was a lame night. Although I was really pleased with how Liliana slept, in her own bed with out making all her normal annoying noises which make it hard for me to sleep.

Auron got a haircut yesterday, he wasn't impressed at all. He was ok to start with but started to cry after a couple of minutes, since it was already half done we had to finish. Not even chocolate would console him.

Our lovely relief society sisters at church have organised to cook us dinner for the next two weeks. It's been so nice not to have to think about cooking, and then having to worry about cleaning up etc when all I really want to do is be lazy and go to bed and SLEEP, plus trying to cook with Auron is near impossible. Last night for example I made some treats for us to have while we watched a movie. Auron "helped" but made a huge mess of baking soda mixed with grapes and popcorn.

Hmmm I have been thinking today about how much I LOVE not being pregnant. I can now:

- sleep on my stomach
- after a week fit into my pre-pregnant jeans, and now 3 weeks later comfortably fit them
- sleep all night without visiting the bathroom
- tie my own shoe laces
- pick up auron again
- and many many other things too!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mum went home

My Mum went home today, it was so nice having her here I know I couldn't have got through the past few weeks quite so well without her. She cooked and cleaned....and cleaned some more....and even a little bit more. So much so that it became somewhat of a joke, not that I'm complaining. It was hard when she had to leave this morning, I know Auron will probably miss her the most, think I was more sad for him actually. They have been best friends for the past two weeks.

In other news.... this past week we ventured into the city to explore Queen Victoria Markets. The last time I was there was with Mum when Auron was the same age as Liliana. Aarahi hates the markets hence the reason we don't go. I can understand his dislike though it's often crowded and the meat section smells....well like meat. Both Auron and Liliana were very well behaved, we took Uncle Kevin to run around after Auron.

On Saturday Auron had a birthday to go to for his little friend at church who was turning one. He woke up not long after we got there and pretty much spent the entire time eating all the yummy treats. He LOVED his little goodie bag, and even scored one for Liliana which he has kept for himself. Luckily he was asleep when we had to hand over her present as the day before when we went to pick it he chose it himself and was in no mood to give it up and had the tantrum of the year when I took it off him to wrap up.

We decided to celebrate Mum's last day here by going out to dinner in the city with our cousin Ra and his partner Nicolette and our friends Chris and Kim. Auron was so good, I thought he would start to lose the plot a bit since his bedtime is 7;30 and our dinner reservation was for 7pm but he hung in there but was well and truly exhausted by the time we got home around 1030pm.

Ahhhh we make cute kids

On her blessing day last week

Having a rest with Uncle

Oh this is our old car Henry which has been sitting outside our house for  months now because I couldn't bring myself to let him go.....he's finally gone now though, to be an organ donor lol

Monday, 5 November 2012


She's here!

Finally on October 29th at 6:56 pm Liliana-Mei decided to grace us with her presence. Earlier that morning we had gone to the hospital for some monitoring because I was overdue and baby's movements weren't as good as they had been.
After 20mins of monitoring we went into the waiting room, the doctor called us back into the room and asked if I felt like having a baby today as they weren't busy up on the delivery ward. The answer was HECK YES! Get this kid out of me! It was about 11am now, so I sent Aarahi home to finish packing my bag and bring all the stuff back up to the hospital. Meanwhile I got all the admission stuff sorted and headed over to delivery.
At 12:30pm they broke my waters, Aarahi still wasn't back yet. Nothing much happened other than feeling like I was continuously wetting my pants haha. I don't even remember my water breaking with Auron.
The doctor wanted to wait 2 hours before starting the syntocinon drip to see if labour would start by itself, but this kid was stubborn. At 2:30 the drip started up and labour kicked in at 4pm. At about 5:30 they were getting intense so I got some of that happy gas....I really love that stuff! At 6:20 I asked for an epidural. They called the anaesthetist who arrived 5mins later, he began to prep me, I was 7cm when he came in. After they sat me up to pop the needle in I went straight to 10cm.
I didn't belive them, thought they were all lying to me, despite the fact I could feel my body pushing. In my head it just seemed unrealistic as I was in labour with Auron for 36hours.
After 11mins of pure hell, and screaming down the delivery suite, telling everyone to stop lying to me Liliana-Mei was born.

She weighed 9pound 3oz and measured 54cm.

All up labour was 3 hours long, who would've guessed.

Her full name is Liliana-Mei Arorangi Jaye Matthews


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

CAke Auction

The week was pretty boring but we had a busy weekend. Oh I had a doctors appointment earlier in the week. "everything is good, measuring right on the due date blah blah blah". Seriously, this kid has outstayed her welcome. My brother arrives Tuesday morning so will being trying everything and anything to evict this kid after he's here to look after Auron.

On Saturday morning we had a bit of a big clean up and I got all the washing out of the way (I got my package of ridiculously cute cloth nappies this week that needed a good prewash). We headed over to to Aarahi's Aunty Jenny's for a yummy roast lunch. When there's no traffic she actually doesn't live all that far from us. Lunch was delicious, especially the mint sauce which I lathered on everything. She also has 2 dogs with Auron was in love with. It was his first doggy encounter so did really well and wasn't scared. He kept trying to lie down with them and copying them when they were poking their tounges out.

We returned home from lunch and I quickly iced our cake to take to the youth cake auction and then went for a quick 20min nap before we were off again. The youth at church are fundraising for a big youth camp/conference called EFY at the start of next year. One of the fundraising activies was a cake auction. All the youth and members of our ward and even some from other wards baked cakes and other goodies ready to be auctioned off. Everyone gathered in the hall holding their bidding paddles as bid like crazy til every last cake was gone. There were A LOT of cakes! The youth managed to raise over $3000 to go towards EFY. We scored some coconut buns and cupcakes. I actually wanted to buy my own cake back but someone else bet us to the maximum bid. Lucky for us they let us go halves with them!

Today Auron went to nursery for the first time. He seemed to like it. Our ward is still kind of new so definitely lacking nursery resources. There arn't very many kids who come regularly enough anyway.

Just a few of the cakes for sale

Let the bidding begin!

Auron with his bidding paddle from cake auction last year
And today

Wearing mummy's high heels. Daddy is SO embarrassed as he said it reminds him of when his sisters dressed him up as a fairy(apparently hes traumatised for life by the experience) but if anyone has a photo of it send it over....never know when it might come in handy


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