Saturday 15 December 2012

Catch up

Sorry I've been incredibly slack with the blog this this last month. We have been pretty busy with visitors and christmas preparations and generally just adjusting to our new life with two kidlets.

About 2 weeks ago now my Nana came over to visit. She arrived on a Saturday afternoon. All went well until on Monday night Auron got sick, Aarahi was just holding on to him then all of the sudden vomit came rushing out EVERYWHERE. At the same time the Missionaries turned up for their dinner appointment. Kevin kept them entertained outside while I cleaned up the carpet and Aarahi dealt with Auron. Poor little Pukeko was miserable its the first time he has ever thrown up, even as a little baby he didn't vomit. He continued to throw up for the rest of the night but finally settled for the night at around midnight. He was still sick the next day, but now my Nana who is here visiting for a week from NZ got struck down with the same stomach bug, so she spent the next day and a half throwing up too. Yup you guessed it it was my turn next! Aarahi left for work around 4am and about 30mins later I was throwing up till there was nothing left in me. So I rang him to come home as soon as he had a chance he arrived home at about 830 and took Auron and Liliana-Mei for me. Liliana didn't get sick but she does have a habit of over eating then vomit half of it up. Milk puke is so much nicer to deal with.
After a few days all was well again, and Nana and I got back to the serious business of shopping. It was so nice having her come and stay. Nana is one of the people I miss most from home. She helped raise me, we have always been close and spent a lot of time together as I grew up. I'm glad she is still here to be able to cuddle my babies.

My darling husband turned 26 this month. He wanted an iPhone. He wanted one months ago but he has a habit of losing things like ipods and phones. I said if he could keep his crappy $100 phone without losing it for until his birthday (pretty much a year since he lost the last one) I would get him the iPhone. I honestly didn't think he could do it. But he is now the proud owner of a new iphone 5. We got a good deal on it, it was pretty much free except we are stuck in a contract for 2 yrs with vodafone. He also requested, traffic light jelly (I had no orange so it was more like red and green christmas jelly) German chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake and mangoes. We had ordered a tray of mangos from some kids from church who we fundraising for school. They arrived on his birthday. Oh and he wanted chinese take out for dinner for our favourite chinese place Kongs Bistro. Later that night he got a skype call from 2 of his sisters and little brother.

This month has been an expensive month. In Australia the bill your utilities every 1/4 so we got our power gas phone and water bill all in one go. Aarahi tells me to pay them on the day they come in the mail but I always pay them on the due date because I dont want those greedy people getting our money any earlier that the need it. Centrelink also sent us a bill for $3000 shock and horror. Took some work to sort that one out but in the end they ended up having to pay us money! stupid government agencies. We also had to get out car fixed and serviced. It was still under warrenty so we only paid for the service. I sent away for Liliana-Mei's passport and citizenship papers. That's a good $300. Totally think we get ripped of with cost of passports, I was reading in many countries they are only like $20.

While we were waiting for our car to get fixed we hung out at the shopping centre where the mechanic is. We wasted some time by going to the movies. It was my turn to pick the movie so we saw Pitch Perfect. AWESOME MOVIE. We laughed the whole way threw. Auron thought it was hilarious although he laughed at the wrong parts. I think we are pretty lucky that we can take our kids to the movies with us without too much hassle and they are happy to sit there and liliana's case sleep.

Well that's about us for the last month our so. We did other things but I can't be bothered writing much more.
Oh Aarahi's parents are arriving on Friday, we are excited to see them!

very cute wearing the top i made her

Nana with Lili and Auron

This little girl loves being on her tummy she almost always falls asleep within  5mins

Asleep on the floor again. I try to lay her on a blanket but she wiggles until her head is on the rough carpet then falls asleep. Here she will stay for about 3 hours while she naps.

Having a nice swim after a long day hot day of shopping

Aurons swim ended in a water fight with Mummy and Daddy. Liliana was sleeping inside but she  had a few cups of water thrown on her while she slept...thanks Auron. She didn't even wake up. 

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