Sunday 30 December 2012


We had a lovely time this Christmas even though we couldn't go home which we would have loved. Aarahi's parents arrived a few days before to spend the week with us. They definitely made our Christmas special this year! It's so nice to have family around at this time of the year.

We had Christmas breakfast with all the trimmings, my cousin Ra and his girlfriend Nicolette came over too. We have a tradition in our family of having special eggs for breakfast on Christmas day. Ra had txt me at least 3 times that week to make sure we would be having them. I made about 16 eggs for the 6 of us and they were all eaten along with all the pancakes croissants and fresh fruit salad. We were so full that when it came to dinner we weren't really that hungry yet. Even so we had a glazed hame that I had prepared the day before along with veges and salad. 

We enjoyed opening presents, Aarahi got some sports equipment he had wanted although Auron had opened all of Daddy's presents the night before and had a play with them. Aarahi surprised me with the ipad I had been wanting. I felt incredibly spoiled. Auron got a backpack and lunch bag to take with him to nursery, some books and a sesame street DVD and a cool water sprinkler from Nanny and Koro. His FAVOURITE present by far was a wooden tower that has a ball that you roll down from the top, which Nanny Teri and Koro Shane bought him. Liliana-mei pretty much got things that she needed, or I wanted. A cool Trunki suitcase, natural rubber pacifier, amber teething necklace, a zip up wrap/blanket thing and a glow worm.

Oh and Aarahi's dad made me a garden! I'm so excited about it, it's pretty much the first thing I go and look at in the morning after I've changed the babies nappies. Can't wait for it to start growing.

At the moment Auron, Lili and I are all sick with a cold, it sucks. Auron's seems to have turned into croup. I had no idea what croup was until i moved to Australia, it's really common here.

Aunty Kimand Uncle Chris came to visit on Boxing day

Lili's glow worm (we (girls) were excited because we all had one of these when we were little)

FAst asleep on the way to the beach

Auron helped me take the stones out of the apricots off our tree

My garden...the photo doesnt do it justice

Koro was Lili's favourite

Uncle Ra's first hold. He met her a few days after she was born but was too scared to hold her

First present

Auron was not impressed

Beach time

The beach had an enclosed kids more floating away kids!

He was quite happy in deep water

He rules our ward at church. Has his little servants. 

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