Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fathers Day

My dear husband is pretty much the hardest person I ever have to buy for. I rarely get it perfectly right ...I actually doubt that I have ever gotten it right. I usually roam the stores and internet for hours for something he will enjoy but never come up with anything astounding. I usually settle on something he needs and some cards for the card game he likes to play. Pretty boring and fairly predictable. 
This morning I saw someone post something on Facebook about Fathers Day. I suddenly started freaking out a little thinking that it was this weekend. For some reason I thought it was going to be September not August (Fathers Day is in September here). This year I had the perfect gift. Something that I knew he would love and enjoy. So I hurriedly purchased tickets for us to attend the Sol3 Mio concert. That paired with some chocolate should be a sure winner. 
Soon after I had purchased the tickets I realised I was in fact an entire month a head of myself. Aarahi laughed at my unfortunate error and felt lucky that I would now have to get another gift as well. 
If anyone has any incredible ideas for me they would be greatly appreciated. It's also his birthday, Christmas and our anniversary all within a few weeks of each other. Not to mention a new baby thrown right in the middle there. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Phillip Island Trip

I thought I would document our little getaway to Phillip Island. I had bug hopes for this weekend but unfortunately it didn't eventuate exactly how I had imagined. Overall it was a pretty good weekend though.
We left home once Aarahi finished work around 2pm hoping to miss the rush hour traffic out of the city. After a quick stop at McDonald's we were on our way. Poor Auron had already fallen asleep and missed out on out junky treat.
It took about 2 hours before we arrived and the weather already looked like it was packing in. Once we got inside the cabin the kids were a little too excited and we could tell that our smart idea to go super cheap was probably not such a good idea after all. We had rented a small cabin which didn't have any closed off rooms other than the toilet. The rest of the space comprised a queen size bed, dining table, kitchen, couch and set of bunk beds all in a space about the size of our living room.
We planned to go out for dinner to this lovely restaurant I had read about but by now it was pouring with rain and I was feeling pretty sick so we just ordered takeaway from the restaurant instead. It was some of the best chicken I have ever tasted!
The next day we went to a trout fishing farm. Lili was absolutely beside her self the majority of the time which made for a less than stellar experience for everyone. Still to this day I have no idea what her problem was. I'm thinking it all started because I didn't buy her the bottle of juice she saw inside the shop. Anyway she eventually fell asleep much to the joy of everyone. Auron and Aarahi both caught a fish each. Now we are not much of a fishy/seafoody kind of family, but once we caught the fish we had to do something with them. They gave you the option of having the fish you caught battered and fried and served with chips and salad, or they would prepare, marinate and wrap it in foil for you to take home. We got one cooked and one to take home.
The fish tasted....I'm not sure how to explain it. We ate it all but neither of us really enjoyed it. I think we were slightly put off by the fact we had seen it alive 20mins before hand. The second fish is still sitting in our freezer, so if anyone wants it your free to come pick it up.
We planned on going to see the penguin parade where you can watch all the little penguins come in from the day out at sea but Lili was still sulking about her bottle of juice or whatever her problem was, so we skipped that and went back to our cabin to eat pizza and watch TV in bed.
On the Sunday Liliana was finally back to her normal self and we visited a chocolate factory, that was pretty awesome. There were heaps of chocolatey treats and fun stations and exhibits. Finally we set off home. Auron had a melt down when he saw us drive in the driveway. He still wanted to go on holiday. I think he felt a bit ripped of to tell you the truth. All week he had seen the ad on TV for the Gold Coast and all the theme parks, I guess that's where he thought we were going. He also wanted to to go on the plane. That one I can understand as when ever we have gone on holiday before we have had to go by plane. To tell you the truth it was SO nice not to have to catch a plane for once!

This was Lili for the majority of the weekend.  

First Fish!

An Ice cream Appeased her for a while 

First Fish for Daddy Too

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Where Have We Been?!

So where have we been the last 4 month or so? well in the middle of morning (all day) sickness topped of with a touch of pure exhaustion.
Our newest addition is due around Christmas time. While this baby was planned we were quite caught off guard when it actually happened. We thought it would take at least 6 months like the other two. This baby was just far too excited to get here and we had a positive test after just 2 weeks.
I knew I was pregnant, despite 5 negatives. So I thought alright just one more then I'll be convinced. I splurged on one of the expensive tests, I think it was something like $12 for one test. I considered waiting until we got home from shopping to do it but as people will tell you I am not the most patient person in the world. I bought a bottle of water and drank it then visited the bathroom at the shopping centre. I stood there for about 10mins examining the stick, holding it in different lights just to see if it might make a difference. And voila! the FAINTEST little pink line was there. I mean it was so faint you had to squint to see it.
Aarahi arrived to meet us about 20mins later and couldn't understand why I couldn't wait until we got home. We all went and bought ourselves a little present and went out to dinner to celebrate.
I thought I had escaped the dreaded morning sickness as I felt pretty awesome right up until around 9 weeks. Unfortunately I got struck down. I didn't have so much as nausea as I did extreme fatigue. I have barely left the house in a few months now.
My kids have eaten far too much cereal, and watch more tv than I would care to admit in the last few months, but seriously you just do what you have to do. I'm happy they aren't very demanding and they think breakfast for lunch and dinner is just awesome.
We planned a trip away to celebrate making it though the first trimester (usually when I'm feeling much much better) but I still wasn't well. The holiday went ahead but it wasn't quite the fun exciting event I was hoping for.
Anyway, I think we are past the worst of it now and eagerly awaiting our newest arrival! Our kids don't know yet. Auron has a fantastic memory and will likely ask me 10 times a day if the baby is coming today. I can't take that haha.

So that is where we have been. Now that I'm getting back on top of things I hope I will be able to write more often.


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