Wednesday 30 July 2014

Fathers Day

My dear husband is pretty much the hardest person I ever have to buy for. I rarely get it perfectly right ...I actually doubt that I have ever gotten it right. I usually roam the stores and internet for hours for something he will enjoy but never come up with anything astounding. I usually settle on something he needs and some cards for the card game he likes to play. Pretty boring and fairly predictable. 
This morning I saw someone post something on Facebook about Fathers Day. I suddenly started freaking out a little thinking that it was this weekend. For some reason I thought it was going to be September not August (Fathers Day is in September here). This year I had the perfect gift. Something that I knew he would love and enjoy. So I hurriedly purchased tickets for us to attend the Sol3 Mio concert. That paired with some chocolate should be a sure winner. 
Soon after I had purchased the tickets I realised I was in fact an entire month a head of myself. Aarahi laughed at my unfortunate error and felt lucky that I would now have to get another gift as well. 
If anyone has any incredible ideas for me they would be greatly appreciated. It's also his birthday, Christmas and our anniversary all within a few weeks of each other. Not to mention a new baby thrown right in the middle there. 

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