Tuesday 1 October 2013

Kids Lunch Ideas

Everyday it gets to around 11am and I begin to wonder what I am going to feed the kids for lunch. So about a month ago a started to brainstorm a bit for some ideas. Peanut butter sandwiches everyday wasn't really going to cut it any more.
Auron isn't a bit dinner eater so I have to make sure he has a decent lunch to make up for it. He has a cool little lunch box I fill up for him  each day which is divided into 4 little compartments which makes it easy for him to see exactly what's in there.

Here's a list of some of our favourite ideas

  • Popcorn (usually just plain)
  •  Mini Quiches I usually make a big batch and add some extra veges. Then pop them in a bag in the freezer.

  • Homemade fish sticks. Just cut up some fresh fish and crumb it then freeze it separately (so they don't stick together) before putting them in a bag. If your kids don't like fish, try chicken instead.

  • Bliss Balls are a great alternative to muesli bars you can make any combination of nuts and dry fruit you like. Our favourites are cashews and almonds

  • Wraps. Instead of bread try a wrap instead, it cuts down on the bread but still gives the convenience of sandwiches. Fill them up with things like deli meats and salads.

  • Fruit Salad
Source: theorganicprepper.ca

Some other links to find yummy lunch box ideas 

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