Monday 14 October 2013

How to Shop Smart for Kids Clothes

I like most people like my kids to have cute adorable clothes, I also hate to pay ridiculous prices for them since they will grow out of them in a flash. I have a rule I generally follow when buying my kids clothes and that is:
Never buy it unless it is at least 40% off or under $10

I honestly believe quality is better than quantity. Compared to a lot of kids mine don't have a tonne of clothes but the ones they do have are good quality. Unfortunately since we don't have any older cousins or family around we haven't been blessed to have hand me downs. Although the other day we were lucky enough to receive a bunch of summer clothes from a friend at church. 
Now how to you find the deals?

  1. WAIT. Once clothes first come out in a store they will be at their highest price. If you simply wait about a month they will be cut down by around 30% and then after another few weeks to 40-50% off the original price. My son needed a warm jacket for winter. The one I wanted was $100 when it first came out, 6 weeks later I picked it up for $30. 
  2. Shop out of season. At the end of the season stores have HUGE sales to rid them off all the seasons clothes to make way for new seasons merchandise. This is when you can stock up for the next season. If you are concerned about not being "in season" the following year, just buy the basics that never go out of fashion. You will be able to find a huge variety of things for under $5 or 80% off. Buy a bigger size, and store the clothes away until next year.
  3. Use online wholesalers. Many of the boutique clothes you buy on those Facebook pages and other online stores you can buy wholesale direct from the seller for a third of the cost, with free shipping. The one I use most often is Ali Express
  4. Never discount the use of places like Ebay and Amazon. There are always amazing deals to find there. 
  5. Second hand stores are wonderful places to buy infants clothing as they are usually all in excellent condition since kids grow out of them so fast that they never get time to wear them out. 

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