Friday 4 April 2014

Easy Pizza Dough

100 Days of Happiness - Day 24

Last year sometime Aarahi and I thought now was the time to start some good traditions for our family. We have some pretty fun ones surrounding big holiday's etc but we also wanted some more every day ones too. Friday night in our house is usually PIZZA NIGHT! Homemade pizza because that makes it extra special. I used to make a big batch of yeast dough, divide it into 3 and freeze 2 and use one for that night. Now I am just not that organised these days. I have since found a super easy, taste and fast dough recipe that will have you chowing down in 30mins or less.
I love this tradition and so does my family. It's always fun for us to come up with new toppings. Tonight choice was, tomato, camembert, capsicum, chicken and cranberry sauce. So yes Pizza Night always makes me happy. It's usually finished off with popcorn and a movie.

On a side note, I had some left over cranberry sauce so added it to a bit of mayo and used it as a dip for the potato wedges we had...AMAZING try it.

Easy Pizza Dough


Makes 1 large pizza

1 1/2 C self raising flour plus extra for dusting while you roll it out
1/2 C warm water
2 Tablespoons oil
1 Teaspoon Salt


  • Sift flour into large bowl 
  • Add salt and oil
  • Slowly pour in water mixing to form a soft dough
  • Turn dough out on to bench and gently knead
  • Add more flour or water if needed
  • Dust bench and roll out to your desired thickness.
  • Arrange your toppings on top
  • Bake in a 200 degree (Celsius) oven for 15-20mins

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