Tuesday 1 April 2014

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

100 Days of Happiness - Day 23

I almost forgot about writing something today. Unfortunately I think I have been struck down with whatever my dear husband had last week, minus the sore stomach thank goodness.
Since I really just couldn't be bothered with doing much today they kids are still in their pajamas from last night. This actually happens more often that I would care to admit. It's not like we're going anywhere right?
LAst night Aarahi went out to drop of the missionaries at the chapel after they had been at our house for the afternoon. When he returned he came bearing a beautiful bunch of flowers. At the moment they and sitting in the middle of my kitchen table, they made me smile each time I walked past today.
At the moment Aarahi and I are both enjoying hearing Lili learn to talk. Auron barely talked up until about 6-7 months ago so having Lili talk so much so young is all new for us. I am amazed at the things she comes out with. Her first word, was thank-you, just like Auron. She just loves to exert her opinion over everything, especially at the dinner table. Everything is "ew yuck" even if she likes it. She gets her point across well and wont be fooled. She was asking for a cookie today which she knew was in the pantry. I offered her a piece of cake from the bench she replied "No tootie! oben-it" while banging on the pantry door.

She was still Lil Miss Cutie even after flying and being in airports for the last 10 hours...still one flight left!
Sydney Airport 2014

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