Sunday 6 April 2014

Why Don't You Understand!

100 Days of Happiness - Day 26

Today started early! I guess that's what day light savings does to you. I heard the kids get up and go out to the lounge. I stayed in bed a little longer but then started feeling guilty, they were probably hungry. I thought the time was about 8am....wrong it hard barely gone 6am! Oh well.

Every morning I write out a list on the kids blackboard of things I need to accomplish during the day. Today's list was long and included stuff that was going to actually take a decent effort. By 10am I had finished pretty much all of it and we were off for a walk to the park to feed the ducks.

See her hugging her piece of bread?
Oh wow feeding the ducks was an experience. Auron was all for it, he was happy to get up close...perhaps a little too close for my comfort to the ducks geese and other birds to feed them while they were swimming in the lake. Lili on the other hand held on to that bread for dear life. Auron became so frustrated with her. I guess he couldn't see why she would want to keep the bread and not enjoy the ducks like him. Auron kept saying "why Lili? why?" the exasperation in his voice was priceless. Lili just stared at him and said a very blantent "no"

We walked home and had lunch, I made them some yummy homemade sausage rolls which they didn't want...despite the fact that they LOVED them last week. Seriously there is no winning with these too. I made them eat them anyway. I think if I let them they would live on toast, cereal, banana's and yoghurt.

The duck feeding was the highlight of the day, who knew it could be so entertaining?

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