Sunday 18 November 2012

A bit of jealousy?

Auron has been pretty good with having  a new baby around the house...EXCEPT when it comes to the bouncer. He hates seeing Liliana-Mei in it, tries to pull her out, pull her blankie of her, even to the point where he hit her in head with the remote (she wasn't too phased by being hit in the head). When little baby isn't in the bouncer Auron jumps in and curls up with his blankie (he does look pretty cute). It's slightly annoying though as the bouncer is Liliana's favourite place to be, just like when Auron was a baby. 9 times out of 10 she would rather be in the bouncer than being held.

Along with the adjustments around here Auron has been having bed issues. He screams the house down at night when he goes to bed. No amount of cuddles, books, bottles etc will calm him down. I had Aarahi put him to bed last night instead and he went fine so maybe it's just me, so we will keep with Aarahi doing night time bed for Auron. He did wake up last night crying, I brought him into bed with us, but he was being a pain in the butt jumping around which soon turned to crying. Went and got the laptop so he could maybe fall asleep watching sesame such luck. 5 hours later he fell asleep, then right on cue Liliana woke up to bed fed. So all in all it was a lame night. Although I was really pleased with how Liliana slept, in her own bed with out making all her normal annoying noises which make it hard for me to sleep.

Auron got a haircut yesterday, he wasn't impressed at all. He was ok to start with but started to cry after a couple of minutes, since it was already half done we had to finish. Not even chocolate would console him.

Our lovely relief society sisters at church have organised to cook us dinner for the next two weeks. It's been so nice not to have to think about cooking, and then having to worry about cleaning up etc when all I really want to do is be lazy and go to bed and SLEEP, plus trying to cook with Auron is near impossible. Last night for example I made some treats for us to have while we watched a movie. Auron "helped" but made a huge mess of baking soda mixed with grapes and popcorn.

Hmmm I have been thinking today about how much I LOVE not being pregnant. I can now:

- sleep on my stomach
- after a week fit into my pre-pregnant jeans, and now 3 weeks later comfortably fit them
- sleep all night without visiting the bathroom
- tie my own shoe laces
- pick up auron again
- and many many other things too!

Saturday 10 November 2012

Mum went home

My Mum went home today, it was so nice having her here I know I couldn't have got through the past few weeks quite so well without her. She cooked and cleaned....and cleaned some more....and even a little bit more. So much so that it became somewhat of a joke, not that I'm complaining. It was hard when she had to leave this morning, I know Auron will probably miss her the most, think I was more sad for him actually. They have been best friends for the past two weeks.

In other news.... this past week we ventured into the city to explore Queen Victoria Markets. The last time I was there was with Mum when Auron was the same age as Liliana. Aarahi hates the markets hence the reason we don't go. I can understand his dislike though it's often crowded and the meat section smells....well like meat. Both Auron and Liliana were very well behaved, we took Uncle Kevin to run around after Auron.

On Saturday Auron had a birthday to go to for his little friend at church who was turning one. He woke up not long after we got there and pretty much spent the entire time eating all the yummy treats. He LOVED his little goodie bag, and even scored one for Liliana which he has kept for himself. Luckily he was asleep when we had to hand over her present as the day before when we went to pick it he chose it himself and was in no mood to give it up and had the tantrum of the year when I took it off him to wrap up.

We decided to celebrate Mum's last day here by going out to dinner in the city with our cousin Ra and his partner Nicolette and our friends Chris and Kim. Auron was so good, I thought he would start to lose the plot a bit since his bedtime is 7;30 and our dinner reservation was for 7pm but he hung in there but was well and truly exhausted by the time we got home around 1030pm.

Ahhhh we make cute kids

On her blessing day last week

Having a rest with Uncle

Oh this is our old car Henry which has been sitting outside our house for  months now because I couldn't bring myself to let him go.....he's finally gone now though, to be an organ donor lol

Monday 5 November 2012


She's here!

Finally on October 29th at 6:56 pm Liliana-Mei decided to grace us with her presence. Earlier that morning we had gone to the hospital for some monitoring because I was overdue and baby's movements weren't as good as they had been.
After 20mins of monitoring we went into the waiting room, the doctor called us back into the room and asked if I felt like having a baby today as they weren't busy up on the delivery ward. The answer was HECK YES! Get this kid out of me! It was about 11am now, so I sent Aarahi home to finish packing my bag and bring all the stuff back up to the hospital. Meanwhile I got all the admission stuff sorted and headed over to delivery.
At 12:30pm they broke my waters, Aarahi still wasn't back yet. Nothing much happened other than feeling like I was continuously wetting my pants haha. I don't even remember my water breaking with Auron.
The doctor wanted to wait 2 hours before starting the syntocinon drip to see if labour would start by itself, but this kid was stubborn. At 2:30 the drip started up and labour kicked in at 4pm. At about 5:30 they were getting intense so I got some of that happy gas....I really love that stuff! At 6:20 I asked for an epidural. They called the anaesthetist who arrived 5mins later, he began to prep me, I was 7cm when he came in. After they sat me up to pop the needle in I went straight to 10cm.
I didn't belive them, thought they were all lying to me, despite the fact I could feel my body pushing. In my head it just seemed unrealistic as I was in labour with Auron for 36hours.
After 11mins of pure hell, and screaming down the delivery suite, telling everyone to stop lying to me Liliana-Mei was born.

She weighed 9pound 3oz and measured 54cm.

All up labour was 3 hours long, who would've guessed.

Her full name is Liliana-Mei Arorangi Jaye Matthews



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