Saturday 10 November 2012

Mum went home

My Mum went home today, it was so nice having her here I know I couldn't have got through the past few weeks quite so well without her. She cooked and cleaned....and cleaned some more....and even a little bit more. So much so that it became somewhat of a joke, not that I'm complaining. It was hard when she had to leave this morning, I know Auron will probably miss her the most, think I was more sad for him actually. They have been best friends for the past two weeks.

In other news.... this past week we ventured into the city to explore Queen Victoria Markets. The last time I was there was with Mum when Auron was the same age as Liliana. Aarahi hates the markets hence the reason we don't go. I can understand his dislike though it's often crowded and the meat section smells....well like meat. Both Auron and Liliana were very well behaved, we took Uncle Kevin to run around after Auron.

On Saturday Auron had a birthday to go to for his little friend at church who was turning one. He woke up not long after we got there and pretty much spent the entire time eating all the yummy treats. He LOVED his little goodie bag, and even scored one for Liliana which he has kept for himself. Luckily he was asleep when we had to hand over her present as the day before when we went to pick it he chose it himself and was in no mood to give it up and had the tantrum of the year when I took it off him to wrap up.

We decided to celebrate Mum's last day here by going out to dinner in the city with our cousin Ra and his partner Nicolette and our friends Chris and Kim. Auron was so good, I thought he would start to lose the plot a bit since his bedtime is 7;30 and our dinner reservation was for 7pm but he hung in there but was well and truly exhausted by the time we got home around 1030pm.

Ahhhh we make cute kids

On her blessing day last week

Having a rest with Uncle

Oh this is our old car Henry which has been sitting outside our house for  months now because I couldn't bring myself to let him go.....he's finally gone now though, to be an organ donor lol

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