Monday 5 November 2012


She's here!

Finally on October 29th at 6:56 pm Liliana-Mei decided to grace us with her presence. Earlier that morning we had gone to the hospital for some monitoring because I was overdue and baby's movements weren't as good as they had been.
After 20mins of monitoring we went into the waiting room, the doctor called us back into the room and asked if I felt like having a baby today as they weren't busy up on the delivery ward. The answer was HECK YES! Get this kid out of me! It was about 11am now, so I sent Aarahi home to finish packing my bag and bring all the stuff back up to the hospital. Meanwhile I got all the admission stuff sorted and headed over to delivery.
At 12:30pm they broke my waters, Aarahi still wasn't back yet. Nothing much happened other than feeling like I was continuously wetting my pants haha. I don't even remember my water breaking with Auron.
The doctor wanted to wait 2 hours before starting the syntocinon drip to see if labour would start by itself, but this kid was stubborn. At 2:30 the drip started up and labour kicked in at 4pm. At about 5:30 they were getting intense so I got some of that happy gas....I really love that stuff! At 6:20 I asked for an epidural. They called the anaesthetist who arrived 5mins later, he began to prep me, I was 7cm when he came in. After they sat me up to pop the needle in I went straight to 10cm.
I didn't belive them, thought they were all lying to me, despite the fact I could feel my body pushing. In my head it just seemed unrealistic as I was in labour with Auron for 36hours.
After 11mins of pure hell, and screaming down the delivery suite, telling everyone to stop lying to me Liliana-Mei was born.

She weighed 9pound 3oz and measured 54cm.

All up labour was 3 hours long, who would've guessed.

Her full name is Liliana-Mei Arorangi Jaye Matthews


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