Wednesday 30 May 2012

NZ Trip - Auckland

So after a lovely week in Palmy Auron and I headed up to Auckland to family number two! I'm pretty lucky being blessed with two families.
Our time in Auckland was pretty relaxed compared to Palmy. Each of the kids had a day off school so would have some time to spend together. We went out to lunch at a place called 'the wok 'n' noodle' think its a pretty cool name for a restaurant. It was really good too, so if your in Auckland you should definitely go.
My sister Ellie lives up in Auckland now and invited me and some of the other ex-palmy girls over for dinner. We had so much fun catching up together, some of the girls I haven't seen in years. My sister is also pregnant and due a couple of months before me. Her little boy is also just a few months younger than Auron (we tend to reproduce at the same time in this family it seems)
On Thursday Aarahi's brother and Mum were up in Auckland to fly out to Melbourne for a wedding Aarahi and Haroma were groomsmen at. Aroha and I went and met them while they waited for their flight. Aroha was meant to road trip down to Palmy with me for Haroma's homecoming but ended up not being able to at the last minute so was good that she got to see him then. After we said goodbye we headed into Parnell to have a hot chocolate at the Chocolate boutique....yup good stuff everyone should go there.
On Friday Ahila-mei and Khyber had the day off school so we headed out to the Zoo. It was AWESOME they have just done it up and added all new NZ exhibits which were pretty spectacular. The eels were a tad gross though.
The main event of the week was Khybers baptism on the Saturday. Teri and I cooked up a small storm in the morning, yummy finger food. I got to speak on Faith and baptism, I was determined not to cry and did so well! I did get a little shaky but held it together. Te Arai was able to baptise his little brother which was pretty special, then he started to bawl his eyes out and my attempts at not crying all fell to pieces. Later that night I headed out to the night markets with Tearai and Emily which was fun. Unfortunately being pregnant prevented me from eating lots of the yummy food there!
Finally Sunday came and our holiday drew to a close and we headed back to the airport to get on yet another plane....SO SICK OF PLANES! Auron did awesome yet again. We were so happy to be home with Aarahi again!

Probably the one and only intentional pregnancy photo that you will ever find of me. Note the unintentional matching red stripy tops lol.

Lizzy, Eden, Sariah, Me and Ellie plus the Bubbas

Lizzy and Ensign

Sariah and Ensign

Little cuzzies hanging in the cot

Fast asleep with Uncle 

Who are these crazy people?!

Tearai and Khyber just before his baptism

Auron with Nanny Teri

At the airport with Aunty Mei and Uncle Khybs

Oh look there's that crazy Aunty Teuila again!

Monday 28 May 2012

NZ Holiday Palmy

For the past two weeks Auron and I have been back home in NZ. Poor Aarahi stayed at home and went to work. I can honestly say it was the longest two weeks of my life. I missed Aarahi terribly but we still had an amazing time back home. I guess it's one of the sacrifices we have to make since we moved countries. Our kids still need to know their family and get to spend time with them, and sometime we just wont be able to go together.
So what did we get up to? we flew into auckland at 5am and spent the day with our family their before heading down to Palmy later that afternoon. The next day Aarahi's little brother and the youngest of the nine Matthews kids returned home from his mission in the Philippines.  It was really good to see him after a two year stint away. He's still the same, not much different there. We spent the next couple of evenings with all of Aarahis siblings and their families. The kids have all grown so much even in the last 6 months since ive seen them. Auron spent a good deal of time running around with his cousin Cumorah who is only a few months older than him.
My mum had the week off work so we spent a lot of time together which was lovely. We ate A LOT...well I did. Whenever I go home there is a long list of food I need to eat. Palmy has some good cheap places to eat and I am yet to find somewhere here in Melbourne that matches it. I guess i just need to keep searching, seeing as Melbourne is known for its food.
While I was home, a rash that I had had in Melbourne went a bit crazy to the extent it was all over my body. Seeing as mum is a midwife up at the hospital we bypassed the emergency room and headed up to the maternity ward (lucky I was actually pregnant). Saw the doctor up there, she said it was an allergic reaction to something, and dosed me up of a few different antihistimines. They decided to do a quick check of baby. They couldnt find the heartbeat with the normal doppler, so hooked up the CTG machine....still can't find baby, better just check with an ultrasound, and there baby was swimming around like a pro. We ended up staying on a couple hours more so that the Doctors friend who was sitting her ultrasound exam the next week could practice on me. It was pretty cool getting a good long ultrasound and seeing the baby doing its cute little things. When I was pregnant with Auron the ultrasound person wasn't too keen on showing me the scan or explaining things.
My friend Ash and Great Aunty came over from Wellington and New Plymouth which was awesome as I don't think I would've made it down to see them otherwise. I was really good to see all my old friends and catch up on all the news etc.
Mum and Auron while waiting at the Hospital

Auron with some of his cousin (he wasn't too happy about it). Wish I had more photos but couldn't find my camera  for awhile.

Punk the cat kept wanting to sleep with Auron. I don't know why  because Auron tormented him all week.

Wearing Uncle Teinas shoes.

On Tuesday afternoon Mum, Teina, Auron and I headed down to Wellington to catch the plane to Auckland......

Sunday 13 May 2012

A lovely mothers day week

I have been extra spoiled this week. Earlier in the week Aarahi took the day off work to just hang out with us. He said I could decide what we did that day. We didn't do anything too exciting, a day shopping where i was treated to a few present. We had a lovely picnic at the park and played on the playground. On our way home we stopped at the baby shop and picked up our new double pram. I love it but it feels like I'm driving a truck or something haha well compared to our nice and compact little stroller. We got home and put on the new dvd we bought. For dinner we had yummy sandwiches made with bread from the breadmaker I got earlier in the day. It was a perfect day!
On saturday we headed out to pick up the new carseat for the new baby. I love it its such a cool colour, kingfisher blue. It will be good for either a girl or boy. Unfortunately they stopped making the pram in the matching colour but I was still determined to have the blue carseat. We did some more shopping, Aarahi bought some new games for his xbox and some new cards for the game we like to play. We had some yummy kebabs for lunch, everything tastes so much better when you are hungry! Later that night we went out to dinner and a place called Chilli Pepper. Lots of people have told us how good it was  but we thought it was pretty average. It was really busy though and had a nice atmosphere but the food wasn't as good as some of the stuff we have had in NZ. Despite Melbourne being the food capital of Australia we are yet to find something that we really really like. I guess we just have to go out more!
Today being Mothers Day I was presented with some pretty charms for my bracelet along with some new slippers which I have been hanging out for! At church the children ran the program which was really really cute they sung their little hearts out and did so well!  We came home and pretty much just blobbed out. Aarahi went to sleep not long after we got home and is still asleep now so he will probably stay there until he goes to work tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow Auron and I are flying home to NZ for a couple of weeks. We are excited to see everyone again. We are especially excited about Elder Matthews coming home and Uncle Khybers baptism ( I can't believe he's 8 already!). This will probably be our last chance to see Uncle TeArai before he leaves on his mission.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Boys will be Boys

Yesterday Aarahi and I went over to our friends Chris and Kim's house. They live about 40mins away so it was a good chance to see how our new car went now that we can actually drive it! yey for having a registration! Chris like Aarahi loves his games so they were pretty happy to see each other. After Lunch Kim and I headed off to the shops and the boys got out their games. They were in their own little world. Didn't even look up when we left, or when we got home either. They were literally still in the same spot they hadn't even gotten up to eat or anything. Needless to say they played for a few hours stopping for 20mins to eat the dinner we made them. It was good for them I think. They are both pretty shy guys so it's good for Kim and I that they get along enough to be able to leave them alone together. I guess ytou don't really have to talk when you play games.

We went to see the Avengers this past Tuesday, it really is an awesome movie! I was particularly taken by the Hulk. We are really blessed with such a easy going baby, we gave him a bag of grapes and he was set for the movie, its probably the 4 or 5th movie he's been to now and weve never had any problem with him.

Earlier this week I bought some carpet cleaning stuff to get some of the grime and stains out of the carpet, it worked so well.....10mins after i had finished cleaning it all up I walked back into the lounge and Auron had tipped and splashed chocolate milk all over the carpet and walls. UGHHHHHH haha sometimes I don't know why I bother! 

Auron loves playing with playdough, especially rolling it out. 

Telling Daddy to be quiet. 

Tuesday 1 May 2012

A week full of boredom

Well probably more like 2 weeks of boredom. I've been pretty much couch ridden and my gosh is it BORING.

Auron has been good at putting up with my lack of energy and enthusiasm. He pretty much entertains himself and makes mess. We do lots of sitting down activities like blocks, playdough and drawing. When he's tired he just climbs up on the couch next to me and falls asleep he's so cuuuuuute.

Baby Boo (the yet to be born baby) started its kicking this week, been feeling butterfly flutterings for a little while now but these have been some big boots! I had mixed emotions about it. Relief that now I have some kind of gauge to know how well baby is doing, excitement, and just plain freaked out, I'm not really one of those people that enjoy pregnancy, in reality it actually weirds me out if I think to much about having a human inside of me that eventually will have to come out....not looking forward to that part so much.

We are in the process of actively looking for a new house. I've honestly just been putting it off for the past while as the thought of packing make my stomach turn, but its got to happen, we are out of room a new baby will struggle to fit.

Aarahi had the Young Men over for an activity on Anzac day. He told me they would be here a 'couple' of hours HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 7 hours later I had to tell aarahi to start sending them home! I was sick in bed and just watched DVD's actually probably scared the poor boys the one and only time i came out.  They were have a games day. The lounge and dining room were set up with xbox's playstations etc and junk food galore. Auron thought he was in heaven. He loves company. He spent most of the time with the boys periodically coming to visit me when he wanted me to feed him.

Aarahi bought me a new ipod this week...I no longer have it. Aarahi took it to church and left it on the pew while he took Auron out and when he came back it was gone. Hopefully it turns up.

Gosh didn't we just make the cutest kid ever!


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