Sunday 6 May 2012

Boys will be Boys

Yesterday Aarahi and I went over to our friends Chris and Kim's house. They live about 40mins away so it was a good chance to see how our new car went now that we can actually drive it! yey for having a registration! Chris like Aarahi loves his games so they were pretty happy to see each other. After Lunch Kim and I headed off to the shops and the boys got out their games. They were in their own little world. Didn't even look up when we left, or when we got home either. They were literally still in the same spot they hadn't even gotten up to eat or anything. Needless to say they played for a few hours stopping for 20mins to eat the dinner we made them. It was good for them I think. They are both pretty shy guys so it's good for Kim and I that they get along enough to be able to leave them alone together. I guess ytou don't really have to talk when you play games.

We went to see the Avengers this past Tuesday, it really is an awesome movie! I was particularly taken by the Hulk. We are really blessed with such a easy going baby, we gave him a bag of grapes and he was set for the movie, its probably the 4 or 5th movie he's been to now and weve never had any problem with him.

Earlier this week I bought some carpet cleaning stuff to get some of the grime and stains out of the carpet, it worked so well.....10mins after i had finished cleaning it all up I walked back into the lounge and Auron had tipped and splashed chocolate milk all over the carpet and walls. UGHHHHHH haha sometimes I don't know why I bother! 

Auron loves playing with playdough, especially rolling it out. 

Telling Daddy to be quiet. 

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