Sunday 8 January 2017

Lakes and Back to School

Today we started back into somewhat of a normal routine of doing schoolwork again. I had told
Auron last week that we would be starting again today and he wasn't impressed. This morning he sulked and whined and carried on like I was going to ask him to climb a mountain in the snow barefoot or something. This was all before breakfast had even started! Lili however was ready and excited as soon as she woke up. 

Once we actually started our bookwork Auron's attitude changed completely and he ended the morning asking me to print of extra math work for him to complete. I am hoping this will be a much better year for him and his level of enjoyment. He loves the product of his efforts yet he doesn't like the process to get there. Unfortunately that is one of the hard facts about life, that nothing comes to you without putting in the effort beforehand. 

Melbourne really heated up this past weekend so instead of wilting away inside all vying for the best spot under the air con we packed up and headed out to the lake for  a swim. Now this lake is set in the most beautiful park. The lake itself was no Lake Taupo but when it is creeping in on 40 degrees all you want is wet and cold and this hit the spot like no other! I think we spent about 6 hours until we headed home. We probably would have stayed longer if we hadn't run out of food! 

Aarahi took the kids out on the raft they got for Christmas.....I think every kid in Melbourne got a $15 orange Kmart raft for Christmas this year! The was this one family who had the most amazing green Dinosaur floatie thing. I wont lie, I was pretty jealous. The lake is a man made lake and the water has some kind of rock in it that makes it look like its full of glitter, it was very sparkly. Lili was impressed. The kids didn't get burnt....parenting win there. Aarahi and I are nursing some burnt backs, I guess you can't have it all right? 


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