Sunday 3 August 2014

Virtual Parties and Gender Reveal

Yesterday was exciting and busy. Around lunch time we arrived at the ultrasound clinic to find out the gender of our new baby. I was pretty slack and put off booking the appointment for weeks and wasn't able to get into our usual place which was actually a wonderful blessing in disguise. The lady who did the scan was lovely! (not something we are used to) and as a bonus we actually got pictures this time around! (also a new thing for us) She took her time and explained everything to us and actually seemed to really enjoy her job.

The scan took longer that expected so we quickly raced back to pick up the kids and start getting ready for our party later than night. My Nana is quite sick at the moment so we thought making a big deal out of everything to do with this baby would be something special and exciting to keep her spirits up a bit. The plan was for mum to host a family dinner back in New Zealand and we would host dinner here and we would skype to each others parties.

Everything was going fantastic and I was well ahead in my preparations for dinner BUT suddenly the power in the kitchen went out (for the 3rd time this week, long story) So with half cooked chicken and the rest of dinner we relocated the party to my Aunty and Uncles house down the road. They're pretty awesome like that, just letting us have parties at their house with no notice.

We sent my cousin Bronte around to take everyone's votes on the gender, then we cut the cake......


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