Wednesday 20 August 2014

When Kids Have "Things"

I love it when my kids love certain things. For example Auron is all about Ben10 and Superheroes...Marvel in particular (no bias at all from his father or I...). It just makes life so much easier when you know when you part with your hard earned money the toy wont be played with for a day then find its way to the bottom of the toy box never to be seen again.
Liliana hasn't really had a "thing" so to speak. She loves her baby, but I may have forced that upon her. It cost almost $100 (no I didn't buy it, only my mother was that crazy, oh and some of Lili's birthday money) so there was no way that doll was going to be left in the toy box. She was going to love that doll like nothing else...and she does. We have meltdowns when baby has to go in the washing machine. She has also come to love a Sesame Street doll in the last few weeks also, I think its Zoey? But yes, she has a few toys she loves but honestly its really hard to pick what she's going to like. However, today she we went to the store to buy her some underwear to start toilet training, all she wanted was Peppa Pig undies. Unfortunately the only Peppa Pig underwear they had was size 10-12. Seriously do 12 year old like Peppa Pig?! In the end we settled for a pack of cheap underwear and a Peppa Pig tee-shirt that was on sale. She was pretty happy with her purchase and wore the tee shirt to bed over her PJ's 
...I hope this is her thing.....

So far this t-shirt has been worn 3 days straight....on a side note look at that crazy bed hair!

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