Thursday 21 August 2014

Auron: "Liliana Makes Me CRAZY'

Today started with Auron rushing into my room at 630am to tell me that "Liliana is really really sick!" They had both slept in the living room on the fold out couch the night before. I rushed out of bed still not fully awake and stumbled down the hallway. I completely expected to be greeted with a vomit drenched couch when I entered the living room. I was instead greeted with a perfectly happy little girl busy watching TV. I turned to Auron and told him that Lili wasn't sick, he just shrugged his shoulders.

The next event for the day occurred over breakfast. A few days ago we ran out of Monster Grain cereal (Aurons word for Nutragrain). I didn't bother buying anymore since we had several boxes of other cereal that we needed to use up. When breakfast was served up at the table Lili got right in and was finished within 10mins. Auron on the other hand had the biggest melt down ever because there was no Nutragrain. "Liliana ate it all" and "Liliana you naughty girl!" It is true she did have the last of the cereal days ago.  You would have thought the world was coming to an end....well maybe his world was. He cried and put on a good show for about 40mins before he decided to just eat what was in front of him. I think what I found most amusing about the whole ordeal was that Lili was on the Ipad watching the song Let It Go from the Frozen movies.

We headed into the shops for lunch and to pick up a few things for the new baby. I've tried a few times to explain to Auron about the new baby coming but he just doesn't believe me. Here are a few things he told me today when we were out shopping and I tried to explain it to him:

  • Stares at me blankly and says "No Mum" 
  • You've got to be kidding me!
  • Shakes his head and waves his finger at me "No Mummy, Liliana is the baby" 
Who knows what he's going to think when he finally arrives. He was quite excited to show Daddy the new clothes for "baby Liliana" He did agree they were probably too small for her though. 

In preparation for the new baby I have been trying to get Auron to walk around the shops instead of taking it easy in the pram. Lili being quite jealous of the freedom her brother has, has managed to get out of the pram and walk too. While Auron is obedient anyone who knows Lili knows that she has a mind of her own will do whatever she wants when she wants. Auron became so exasperated with her today I really just had to laugh at the irony of it all. He would start out speaking nice and calmly to her to "come one, follow me" but it quickly escalated to him throwing his hands in the air saying "Liliana, you need to listen to me!" After we left the store he told me "Liliana makes me crazy" too Auron, me too.

I can't believe we are going to have another one of these little cuties in a few months. Wasn't he ridiculously adorable!

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