Tuesday 2 September 2014

That Time We Went to Mc Donald's at 4am

Monday night was a rough night....actually the whole day was. I was tired, the kids were grumpy, probably exasperated by my own grumpiness. My Mother, siblings and husband will all tell you that I am not a fun person to be around when I am sleep deprived.
Anyhow, Liliana woke up at 1am screaming, like she had a bad dream or something. I felt bad for her and brought her into bed with us. She kicked, squirmed, talked, and generally was a pain I. The but for about 90mins til I could handle it no more and put her back in bed with the iPad (yes I know, bad parenting but I don't care). A hhh silence can finally sleep.....or not. Auron woke up to the noise of the iPad, seriously this kid can fall asleep listening to his sister scream down the house but as soon as he hears Peppa Pig or whatever she was watching his was wide awake wanting a turn too.
Aarahi went in to sort it out, Lili was asleep so he took the iPad from her, BAD IDEA. She was awake again and inconsolable. Aarahi tried, I tried, nothing worked so what else do you do? Well we all got up and went to Mc Donald's in our pajamas at 4am.
Unfortunately for me I realised I was fasting for my glucose test in the morning so I watched them all eat their pancakes. We went back to bed and got up an hour later to start the day.
At the glucose test I was surprised I held that foul drink down, I spent the first half of it laying on the floor in the toilet.
Aarahi picked me up after 3 hours and we went and got lunch and churros.
Thankfully last night everyone slept much better and we are a happy family again!

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