Wednesday 6 August 2014

The Things Auron Says

We have waited a LONG time for Auron to talk. He was almost 3 before he really began talking but now that he is talking he is coming out with some pretty funny things. I thought I should record them for future posterity and all. Or just to pull out at his 21st or something.

  • After passing an exceptional amount of gas for a 3 year old. "wow, good fart, just like Daddy's ones"
  • When I told him I couldn't find an Iron Man at Target "hang on, wait a minute. I'll ring Nana"
  • "Wake up Mummy, it's shining outside" 
  • If you ask him what number '2' is he will tell you it's called "Channel" because channel 22 is the kids cartoons. 
  • Auron you got a hair cut! "Yes, Daddy mowed it"
  • I called out to Auron to see if he wanted to get out of the bath he replies "Yep, I've done a stinky butt in the bath" I didn't believe him (he's been toilet trained over a year) so went to look "See Mummy, green stinky butt" yep he was right a bright green poo floating around the bath. I'm still not sure why it was bright green though.
  • Me: Auron it's time to get dressed. Auron: "Yey, we're getting ready to go?" Me: No were not going anywhere. Auron: "No thank you very much then mum" The kid obviously can't remember his life pre-pregnancy when we used to get dressed on a daily basis, not just if we were leaving the house. 

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