Friday 4 January 2013

A night away

Australia is in the middle of a heat wave, yesterday was the hottest with some places in Victoria (the state we live in) reaching 47 degrees. In Melbourne it was around 41/42 degrees, still too hot though. I decided that I would surprise Aarahi with a night in the city at a hotel with lovely air con and swimming pool. (me and the children thought that we would benefit greatly from this treat too)
Aarahi arrived home and I had all the bags packed and house tidied ready to go. He was excited and we pretty much left as soon as he finished his shower. The drive into the city was really nice, relaxing even, not something you can often say about Melbourne freeways. We arrived at the Sebel Albert park and checked was really pretty and a bit flash with an awesome spiral staircase in the lobby.
We just relaxed for the rest of the day/night. We went down for a swim in the pool, there were a few otehr families there escaping the heat aswell. A lady and her daughter came and told me how cute my kids, I may be biased but I do think we have pretty cute kids. Lili got to try out her new togs (New Zealand word for the clothes you swim in) and have her first swim. She screamed at first but then loved it, she kicked and splashed and stayed in the cold pool for a good half an hour before we headed to the spa she was happier to get really into it there.
We went back to our room and ordered room service, put the kids to bed watched some tv and fell asleep before 8pm.
Today we checked out of the hotel and headed out for breakfast at the Pancake Parlour. Then did some shopping there were heaps of sales on so I stocked up on clothes for Lili and Auron for next summer. I very very very rarely pay full price for any of their clothes. We also picked up some new dvd's which Aarahi and I plan to watch together with some treats after Auron is asleep tonight.
It was such a lovely weekend, I love being with my family couldn't think of anything better.

We went to the city on Thursday, I got Auron this  balloon Cookie Monster, it is really cool. I think we were more impressed that he was

I came out of the bathroom and these two were busy taking silly photos

Yup I love him

Auron wasn't too impressed by his pancake with icecream choc sauce and sprinkles.What kind of kid doesn't want that!

Mine and Auron's dinner. Just took this picture because I was impressed with the decent amount of sweet chili  sauce and sour cream. 

Auron is always worried about Liliana-mei having a dirty face. He doesn't seem to care if he is covered in snot and left over cereal though.

Aarahi and the little ones

Lili's first swim. 

It was all just a bit too exhausting

My christmas present from mum. A already used, crumbs added jar of marmite. For those of you who don't know, the Marmite factory was destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes so there is NO marmite until they rebuild. a jar this size is selling for $80 on ebay. We had marmite toast and Hubbards cereal for dinner, thanks Mum.

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