Wednesday 9 January 2013

Cutting Back

Since it's the new year and all, I like most people have spent time contemplating how I want to better mine and my family's life over the coming year. One area that I want to work on is becoming more frugal. We are in a fortunate position where we don't aren't stressing about money etc but that's not to say that wont always be the case one day. We have a goal of moving back to New Zealand within the next 5-7 years, unfortunately NZ is not the cheapest place to live and the family tax benefits are laughable compared to Australia's, and Aarahi we surely take a significant pay cut when we move home. So with that said learning now to live with much less and save the excess seems to be a wise idea. As it is we live off aarahi's income and the money I receive for from family tax benefits and Liliana's baby bonus goes into saving and paying off that wretched student loan.
My dear husband doesn't really know how much money we have, or where it is, or how much we spend on things. His job is to go make the money and my job is to spend it wisely. We are both happy in these roles.
We already do a few things that save us money:
- we buy homebrand from the supermarket.
- I cook everything from scratch (I feel guilty doing other wise, my mum and Teri have always cooked from scratch and I love their food best)
- I make our own laundry liquid
- Never pay full price for the kids clothes, but buy quality over quantity
- I check ebay and online stores first before I buy in store as most often it's cheaper there.
- Auron wears cloth nappies/diapers
- We don't formula feed Liliana at all.

Areas where I need improvement:
- We eat out way too much, as often as 3 times a weeks. This can range from $20-$80 each time
- I should start Liliana in the cloth nappies too, I've just been too lazy, and while I'm at it toilet train Auron
- My grocery bill could use some work. We go one of the more expensive grocery store because the cheap one has a long line at the check out counter...lame excuse I know.
- I just found out that if you are in Australia you can set up online payments to pay your NZ student loan...I need to do this because I bad at remembering to go online and make regular payments and the interest is going to be the end of me.

Another new change for our household is that on Monday morning I am unplugging the TV and Xbox. It has become too distracting from family time and other important things. It will be turned on again on Friday nights ready for our traditional homemade pizza and dvd night. Then off again The following Monday morning.

Well Aarahi and Liliana are up from their nap so we might go do the groceries...and not buy our dinner in town!
Auron helped me make some cookies for Daddy's lunch. He did the rolling and  squashing all by himself.

Auron loves getting into mischief. Love his new PJ's. My deal of the week thanks to a huge sale at Baby GAP, and free postage!

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