Monday 28 January 2013

The week that was

I am so glad this week is over, it was long and tiring! On Wednesday I had a little bit more energy seeing as Lili slept really well, on a side note whoever came up with the say "slept like a baby" obviously never had a baby. Annnnyway, I decided to head into the city to go to a fabric store to get some stuff to make something for our new nephew who is due in May, and to go organise our membership at Costco. So walked to the train station, 20min walk, make it to city after 30min train ride, go to the fabric store, it was waaaaay too expensive like $50 a metre, decide to head over to Costco. I needed to catch the tram to do that. Well that was a huge failure too because I soon learnt that prams don't fit on trams! So what do we do? turn around get back on the train and go home. Lucky for me my lovely husband was there waiting at the train station to pick us up.
In other news this week, I hired a carpet cleaner to clean our carpets. Auron had drawn all over them in permanent marker, so that along with the mushed in food and grime and I'm sure some left over vomit from Auron's stomach bug that warranted a good deep clean. What I found fascinating though is that the carpet cleaner got out the permanent marker but was no match for the yellow felt pen . My floors look lovely by the way.
I got my annual hair cut this week. My hair was pretty much down to my butt. If I back I could easily sit on it. I gritted my teeth and cut a good deal off, now its about 3 inchs shorter. It feels good and I no longer wake up strangulating myself.
On Saturday we went back into the city, drove this time it took like 15mins all up to go finish my mission from earlier in the week to sign our membership for Costco. It was closed, apparently they close on public holidays, I thought they would still be open seeing as we are "observing" Australia Day on Monday. Needless to say it was dissappointing, Aarahi says it's a sign that we shouldn't go there haha, he may be right. We just ended up looking around Docklands and getting some lunch. We did stop at a fabric store and pick up some cute fabric.
Aarahi asked me if I could try making corn chips from scratch last night, I obliged and the results were pretty good. They cost about 50c to make compared to the $3 bag of Doritos we have in the cupboard. They kinda made my "quick" nacho meal into a long drawn out process so I think next time I will just make a whole bunch one weekend like I do the tortillas.
Now it's Saunday, and after the longest sacrament meeting ever (2 hrss) we are home since we skipped the last hour of church and I am hiding out in the bedroom because I am tired and incredibly grumpy probably due to feeding Lili 7 times from the time I went to bed at midnight til 830am when she woke up for the day. I'm glad to say that doesn't happen often.
Tomorrow is a public holiday and Aarahi's home, I imagine he's going to make me go driving (I don't drive, ever, I have an irrational fear of the breaks not working and cars crashing into me) but I have run out of excuses and he is insisting that I start driving.

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