Tuesday 18 October 2011

A list

We have 10 days back home at Christmas...I know not long enough! Australia's great and all BUT there are things we miss terribly (other that family and friends lol) So we have compiled a list of things that we want to do while we are back.

1. Orange Choc Chip Icecream. Ice cream here is pretty average and boring in the flavour department.
2. Burgerfuel with Kumara chips and aioli
3. Cream donuts with REAL cream none of this fake rubbish.
4. Beancafe... Dont think this one will happen as they are usually closed over Christmas.
5. The temple Christmas lights.
6. Swimming in Lake Taupo and at Poplar.
7. Hangi....don't know if this will happen either but someone feel free to make one for us.
8. New years with Te Arai Arpege Teuila Mei and Judea. (The grandparents can babysit)
9. Meeting our new Nephews and Aarahi gets to meet Cumorah
10. Being home to talk to Elder Matthews. Miss him...
11. Playing at the Esplanade and taking Baby on the miniature train.

Most of all we are looking foward to spending 10days together and sharing our time with all those we love the most!

Auron is super excited he just doesn't know it yet. We sent away for his passport this week, we had to apply for his NZ citizenship papers as well it cost an arm and a leg! lucky we only have to do that ONCE....until the next child comes along haha.

Heres some photos of some of the people we miss!

I think that's all the kids........ If you didn't guess already we miss them the most!

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