Saturday 29 October 2011

New Carpet

This week we got NEW CARPET!!!!!!!!!! our old stuff was this hidious shaggy stuff ew gross. It was so hard to keep clean the vacuum cleaner just couldn't get all the dust and stuff out. This new stuff however shows up every little bit of dust and dirt but its so nice a fresh.
In order to get this new carpet we had to move all our furniture into the dining room and kitchen the night before and rip out all the old carpet. There was too much dust in the bedrooms so we slept on the sofa bed in amongst a sea of furniture, needless to say it was a looooooooooong night.

Oh yes my new money saving tip, well it works for us at least. Buying your groceries online. Over the last 2 weeks that I've done this I estimate we have saved at least $200. Firstly because we don't walk around the supermarket and pick up things we don't need (Aarahi doesn't get to see the lollie and chocolate isle). Secondly our supermarket is located in a big shopping centre, shopping usually makes us hungry so more often than not we end up buying dinner and a treat before heading home, and thirdly we arn't tempted to go into all those other stores to buy stuff that we don't actually need. The delivery cost was $9 and the guy came in and unpacked everything onto the bench for me which was nice too.

I made these cupcakes last night. They're peanut butter cupcakes, I'm not the biggest fan of peanut butter but Aarahi said they were good 

This is a trick I have been working on this past fortnight. I love to stand up all the time and now I can get from sitting to standing without help 

 A video of the laughing baby. He was going nuts before we got the camera out.

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