Friday 4 November 2011

Melbourne Cup and Family day

This week Melbourne Cup and racing fever hit Melbourne on Tuesday, and yey for everyone it was a public holiday. Aarahi still worked a half day though. Our ward was having an activity at the park, a Trunk or Treat followed by sports and a massive BBQ. Some of the kids dressed up and the young women and their leaders made an awesome effort to decorate their boots in true Halloween style. There were SO MANY lollies and other sweet treats that every other kid at the park that day went home with a huge bag of goodies.
After the ward activity we went over to my Aunty and Uncles house for another BBQ and to watch the big race. The horses we picked to win didn't, my reasoning for choosing specific horses was solely based on how pretty they looked.
Aarahi also took a full day off work this week to spend at home with us. We started the morning with bacon and eggs for breakfast, and then I got on with the chores for the day. We played a few games of Magic cards then headed out to Bunnings in search of a lawn mower and Whipper Snipper. Lawn mower purchased! Then headed over to Harvey Norman after seeing they were having a big sale. Spent a LONG time tossing up what we should buy and ended up settling for a new dining room table and chairs seeing as I broke ours awhile ago. We got a really good deal which is always nice. After we went to KFC for lunch, not my favourite but I was SERIOUSLY impressed by the  burger I got, it may become my new cheeseburger. Anyway we did some more shopping but no more purchases then home for dinner. I made this amazing curry, amazing in a way that it tasted good, was healthier than normal, was cheap to make and easy! Heres the link to the recipe if you want to try it.

In Auron's news, he has FINALLY started to crawl properly instead of just going backwards. He seems quite proud of himself and is enjoying his independence. His climbing ability is also improving, last night he managed to climb on top of a box in order to climb onto the couch to get his toys. He already has a few injuires from his adventures and im sure there are many more to come.

On another note good luck to Szharei, Mosiah, Teina and Anna who are going to Kapa Haka Nationals in Whangarei on Sunday. Hope you guys have and AWESOME time. Aroha and Zirsha take lots of photos and send us some!

Oh and exciting news my brother Elder Whaanga is coming home from his mission 2 weeks earlier than we expected so we will be at home for his home coming. YEY! Hopefully Elder Matthews homecoming is timely aswell!

 I eat healthy ALL week then I go to church and the young women and kids feed me lollies and naughty drink!
 This is where my boys are right now.

New table, it is a 6 seater but has an extension built in underneath to make it an 8seater.

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