Saturday 26 November 2011

An Early Christmas Present

This week marks the week our washing machine died.....a long slow and painful death. Painful for me more than it I think. It had had trouble spinning out for the last few months and would beep every 5 mins. This didn't usually bother me so much and soon became part of my daily routine of visiting the laundry every 10mins or so, but this week it got all a bit too much. So early Tuesday morning I went online and bought my Christmas present a BRAND SPANKING NEW WASHING MACHINE! and boy do I love it. After Aarahi and Auron this washing machine which I've named Edward (we name all our appliances) is pretty much top of my list and love of my life this week. A load of wash now only takes an hour instead of 5! Our old washer has done us well and was bought for us last year by the Kirifi family when we had nothing, and I will be forever grateful to them for not having to be 5 months pregnant and having to hand wash our clothes. They are an awesome family. I had a slight tear in my eye as I watched the man wheel away the old washer, not so much for the washing machine (I hated that thing ) but for what it represented, the love of another family for us in a time of need.

In other far less exciting news...well nothing really. I thought I lost my passport this week and spent a good few hours destoying our house looking for it. I found it in the washing basket which I had emptied twice and hadn't found it. I've been trying to convince Aarahi to let me put up the christmas tree up but with no such luck. I think he may cave if I call it a family home evening activity. We bought some nice decorations for it from Kmart yesterday. Shucks they have good deals. $10 for 70 decorations AWESOME.

Oh just to report back on our exercise efforts...I would say above average. We exercised all but one day but we never made it to a run or jog, mainly because I realised I dont actually own any sports shoes or clothes.

I hope all the Palmy kids enjoyed their primary presentation, let us know how you went.

We have some new missionaries in our newly formed ward, both of which are from NZ and one is a McPhee that used to be in Otumoetai ward a few years ago. It's a small world after all.

 Cuddles with Daddy after mowing the lawns

 Admiring Edward the washing machine. He stood here for a good 30mins just watching the clothes go round and round
Soooo CUTE. This is his new stretch n grow thing. He usually doesn't wear them because his legs are too long to fit them but this one has no feet and is a size one so fits perfect!

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