Sunday 13 November 2011

I can't believe it's almost the end of the year!

Is is just me or has this year just disappeared? seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for last Chirstmas and now its almost time to get out the Christmas tree again. I'm so glad I did most of our Christmas shopping throughout the year we got good deals and arn't burdened with having to face the made Christmas rush or impromtu overpriced gifts. We decided that this year we would buy for all the kids back home seeing as we havent been there for the past 18months or so to give them the usual treats that Aunties and Uncles give their nieces and nephews. The girls have been easy to buy for and my cousin Tiarne is coming over this week to help me finish off the last little goodies for the girls. The boys on the other hand are hard to buy for, I left that job to Aarahi who quite often wants to keep the gifts for himself. Auron wont be getting too much. One big present and new clothes and a few new toys. He's not going to care he will just want the wrapping paper.

This week Auron has been enjoying being able to sit up at the table with us to eat. He has a new highchair thing that you just attach to a normal chair. He loves it thankfully, already associating it with food. This kid is a garbage guts, he eats anything and everything (except broccoli). He often finds food laying around that he's previously dropped and puts it back in his mouth. He ate some play dough the other day, must've thought it tasted ok.

Last week our ward was split in two, we're in the new ward. We were hoping to find out who our bishop was today but no such luck hopefully next week or something. It's a bit of a strange feeling being in a new ward. Most of the ward is from our old ward but they also pulled a few families from another stake. Feel more sorry for them I think. At the moment we have morning church which is nice but no doubt we will be going back to afternoon church next year. I HATE afternoon church. 3 years of afternoon church is going to kill me. UGHHHHH never mind.


  1. the picture second from the bottom.. what on earth has he been playing with? yoghurt? haha

  2. love your blog Candice! cute pics and im very envious that you are just about finished your chrissie shopping. well done.

  3. @Heidi its cornflour and water with some of his left over berried from lunch, totally gross but it jept him occupied for a good hour.

    @bridey im also so glad that ive done most of my shopping! Last i counted there were 30 kids to buy for!



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