Wednesday 26 September 2012

Auron's injury

Earlier this week injured himself. He found a blade attachment to the food processor in the cupboard, I thought i had put them all up high but obviously missed one. All of the sudden I hear a scream from the kitchen where Aarahis doing the dishes. There was blood EVERYWHERE, thought he had cut his finger off or something! The crying stopped pretty much immediately but the blood still poured out. He wasn't too keen on getting it cleaned up he just wanted to get back to playing. The cut wasn't all that big in the end and he ripped the plaster off faster than it took to put it on and continued to spread his blood around it was pretty gross.

Friday night we planned a date night out for dinner and dessert after Aarahi got home from his meeting at the chapel. While he was there he bumped into the missionaries who reminded us we were supposed to feed them that night...oops forgot that, but in my defense they are supposed to ring the night before to remind us. So since my house was in no state to have guests and I really couldn't be bothered cooking we took them along with us on our date night to Nandos. Gosh I love that place.

Saturday Aarahi helped me spring clean the lounge room, found all sorts of goodies. The rest of the day we just relaxed I slept on the pull out couch, Aarahi played video games and Auron had the biggest nap of his life pretty sure it came close to 4 hours before Aarahi went to wake him up. He still went to bed at a normalish time too which was nice, I think he's getting some more teeth as he sleeps for ages when he does. After Auron was down for the night we got out our treats and watched Rio the movie which was pretty awesome. Went to bed late.....all woke up late and missed church oops.

Daddy trying to clean my finger up

I wasn't being at all helpful!

Our missionaries crashing date night at Nandos

Cuddles for mumma

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