Saturday 3 September 2011

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all you daddy's out there. We decided to have fathers day on a saturday instead since this Sunday is Fast Sunday. So yesterday we had a big pancake breakfast, and Aarahi got his presents an iPod and a chocolate poem/letter. We spent the majority of the day at home, aarahi mowed the lawns and found $50 what a score. I guess it makes up for all the rubbish that blows onto our lawn from the shopping centre down the road! That is something I definatly wont miss when we move in a few months.
Last night the primary at church put on a fathers day spring dance which was lots of fun. The kids performance was really cute but I think the Young men really put on the best show! I love our ward, activities are always good fun....with lots of yummy food.
Back on to the subject of fathers, as the high priests at church did their performance I really began to miss Alby, upset about what he didn't get to see all the new babies and Kev on his mission, Teina getting baptised but mostly that he didn't get to be here to see us growing up. I think us kids were pretty blessed to have him for the time that we did and know that we are sealed together as a family forever. I'm sure he gets to look down on us from time to time.
I also was blessed to have another dad, probably the one whose played dad the longest for me and thats Shane. He also is a wonderful man who I love very much. I cant actually remember not having him in my life. Hes always been there and i know without him I wouldn't be the person I am today and I owe so much to him.

Hmm in other news, Aurons sitting up perfectly by himself now, no falling over.Its been great! now hes happy to just sit there and play with his toys and entertain himself. He also started rolling from his back to tummy and  back again a couple of weeks ago. I think he scared himself when he did it because he started to cry before realising he was ok. Now his ok with it though. I cant believe how fast our baby is growing up.

Oh yes, Aarahi's had some good news from work. Hes been made permanent which means he gets transfered from the recruitment company to the actual company hes working at, and doesnt have to wait for someone to call and tell him if hes working. Its just nice to have a bit more job security.

 Auron with the boys/babysitters

 Nadia i found you a Husband, lol the one in the red is mine though, you cant have him

Yummy choc cake as requested with coconut icing filling 

Chocolate bar poem

My Granddad and I 

Alby with the boys....couldnt find the photo I wanted but this will do.

Well that's about it for this week.

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