Wednesday 31 August 2011

A busy weekend!

Wow what a weekend, it was full on from the start. On Friday Auron and I missed song time at the library but went to town anyway to buy Aarahis fathers day present which is harder than you would think because he is sooooo fussy and keeps changing his mind on what he might like. Then came home and had a huge clean up of all the junk lying around. Later we settled down for family DVD night.
On Saturday we decided to go in search of a new shopping centre and found ourselves at Highpoint shopping centre which is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like 4 floors! We didnt care too much for the shopping but that was probably just because I wasn't really in a shopping mood. The only thing we came out with was Koney's christmas present  and a Rubix cube that Aarahis been looking for, for ages. The food selections however were fantastic and we will definatly be back to try a burger place we saw that looked like burger fuel which we have been missing like crazy! (back home we used to eat it at least once a week) So I think it will be Burger Fuel for lunch as soon as we fly in ok Faryn!  Oh and there was a Churros restaurant we wanted to try too. Churros are like Spanish doughnuts and are FANTASIC. Our guilty little pleasure for the day was afternoon tea at Max Brenner. For those of you who have been to Australia or America you will have probably heard about it. Its like a chocolate restaurant they have amazing hot choc and lots of yummy chocolate goodies. Kinda like Chocolato back home in Palmy.
Later that night we went to the baptism of one of the girls in my class Ariana. I spoke on faith and repentance. It was a really special night shes such an awesome kid.
Come Sunday it was church and all the commotion that comes along with serving in Primary. Since most of my class have moved up to youth I taught the 8-9 yr olds ...alll boys and my one girl Ariana. We learnt about the Holy Ghost and joined up with Aarahis class at the end for a game of chinese whispers they were ...USELESS, to much laughing and not paying attention all good fun though. After church Aarahi went to teach mission prep thengame home and we were straight back to church for a youth musical fireside.....good thing they feed you after because poor Aarahi was starving.

Anyhow that was our busy weekend, this weekend will probably be just as busy being fathers day and all.

 Our yummy Belgian Waffles from Max Brenner

 My Strawberry and Passionfruit was too hot for hot choc so maybe next time but this was really good too

Baby with his new toy....Aarahis Boost Juice cup

Mmmm Nandos what shall I have to eat.....

 Mummy made me a new hoodie!!!!

I already love books! If I start being upset at home Daddy just reads me a book and I'm happy again. Mummy and me have scriptures every morning Today we read about Abinadi!

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