Sunday 7 August 2011

Auron's Big Boy Room

We have had a rather productive week. On Monday morning we went into the city to shop for some beds for the spare room  which until now has just been where we put all our junk and Auron's ridiculous amount of clothes and other stuff hes accumulated. We found a cool set of bunks at IKEA and organised to have them delivered the next day as there was no way we could fit them in our car.
Tuesday saw us trying to assemble the beds, and oh my gosh what a flipping mission that was! The are pretty neat bunks in that the can be put together in 3 different ways, as bunks, as two identical separate beds or as one normal bed and one toddler bed with the guard rails on. Took us about 6 hours to finally finish. Auron was very patient and enjoyed playing with all the boxes.
With the new beds I thought it was time I cleaned out Auron's clothes and put away the ones that don't anymore THREE boxes full! man what a spoiled kid, can honestly say I don't know how he accumulated so much stuff and still another box of clothes for him to grow into.
Yesterday we went out for lunch at Nando's, I think they have one in Palmy now, well at least they did in January. Then did a some shopping before picking my Nana up from the airport and heading over to my Uncles for dinner .
Today Aarahi and I taught our classes combined as most of my class has turned 12 now and leave to go to young women's half way through. Our class consisted of about 10 boys, boy are they a tough bunch to teach, they're like Teina and Mosiah on 10 cans of Red Bull. Totally exhausting but good fun. Aarahi got sick of them one week and sent some of them to Relief Society as punishment, too bad for them when they saw their mothers and got dealt to at home for being disrespectful! Needless to say they are a bit better behaved now, but cant expect them to sit silently when they are such a competitive bunch.

Standing up my myself...with the help of the bed frame, trying to help Daddy but really just getting in his way.

 I got into the tissue box, Mummy was wondering why I was so quiet!
 Do you like my cool wall stickers. We ordered another personalised one online with his name and stuff but hasn't arrived yet. Have a look at they have some really cool wall art, and its removable so it doesn't ruin the walls etc

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