Saturday 30 July 2011

Still sick!

Not only Auron is sick but Aarahi has been really sick this week also, he came home from work on Friday at about 11 am, and went straight to bed and we didn't see him again until 7pm that night. Auron still hasnt been able to shake his cold completely other than a nasty cough he seems fine, no temperature or grizzly crying, apart from when we went to do the groceries and he had a meltdown about having to go in his pram, lucky daddy was there to carry him around. Auron actually looked pretty pleased with himself, getting his own way and all.

The missionaries came over last night to help give Aarahi and Auron a blessing which was nice, Auron didn't know what was happening and wouldn't keep still.

After a week of pushing himself along the floor on his forehead Auron thought he would finally roll over. About time! He is also sitting up pretty well, until he gets too excited or goes to grab a toy that's a little too far away and he topples over, which he also finds to be funny and just laughs.

The two sickies having a nap

Oh how I love Blue Blankie

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