Monday 25 July 2011

A Sick Little Pukeko

Yep Auron is sick...or teething, most likely both I think. He doesn't seem too bothered by it though, hes still a happy bubba, just a bit cuddly not his usual rough and tumble self. Aside from a sick Pukeko we also have a sick Daddy in our house too. Poor Aarahi timed it wrong because now work has picked up and hes working longer hours.

We have a new baby! Ellie had a beautiful baby boy earlier this week which they have named Ensign Ngamahinganui. I think he was 9pound 3ounces which is pretty impressive, no wonder Eleanor looked like a whale. But well done Ellie you did good! you too Aidan.

This week i embarked on sewing project number 2, a nappy changing thing for my and bag. I usually just throw everything in my bag, and come time to change baby and it takes me forever to find everything and the nappies are usually covered in allsorts of stuff that seems to accumulate in the bottom of my bag. So I made this thing that has a place for the wipes a few nappies and a matching change mat. My description sucks but the finished product worked out well.

Baby Ensign all fresh and new! Isn't he so yummy!

Nana and grand-graeme with great grandchild number 8!

 Look at those LIPS!

Tryna show off my cool hair style but the its too hard to see

Nappy change thing folded up

Open with its compartments on each side

And matching change mat with a nice soft side and a cool colourful matching side

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