Monday 18 July 2011

Family Home Wii-vening

We finally bought a Wii!!!! and boy has it been fun! We both have been sore and achy since we got it, so it must be doing something i guess. I am totally uncoordinated and pretty much useless at the majority of the games but I can thrash Aarahi at doing the hula. 

Auron is still his cute self, hes managed to worm his way back into our bed. Hes a pretty easy going baby, doesn't mind being dragged around by the kids at church or taken shopping or just watching you do housework. He LOVES the vaccume cleaner! Today he has learnt how to take his dummy out and put it back in. He seems pretty pleased with this new achievement. We started to read to Auron everyday, so far his favourite book is The wheels on the bus - New Zealand edition, i think he likes it because it has lots of actions and funny voices. 

We went to see the last Harry Potter this week also. It was fantastic! we saw it in 3D which was even better. Aarahi and I are lucky that Auron is so easy going and lets be able to still enjoy going out to movies and dinner etc. 
Our little caterpillar wrapped up and ready for bed.

 Waiting in the car for Daddy to make the straps on my carseat bigger.

 This is as far as tummy time goes. I hate hate hate lying on my tummy.

 Me and my friend penguin.

 Ahhh this is my new favourite toy! an empty M & M's bag.

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